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Even in my relatively short life time I can relate to a complete change in the way the world works, the ‘’.com boom’’ came and now social media is arguably the most powerful way to reach people today. With that said there is little reason why we shouldn’t look to utilise and embrace the power of social media if it means it can improve our progress in the real world. Let’s move with the times and discover exactly what social media can do for us!

Power Of Idols

In the past we have been limited by our local surroundings and to people within those areas. Now this has completely gone on its head – anywhere in the world you can talk, share your opinions, ask for advice and be inspired at the click of a button. If you have idols you can now normally reach them via social media sites, follow their blogs, their progress and feel as though you are constantly in touch with them.

Social Network

In real life your social network will determine to an extent how you behave, your mood and even your actions. The beauty of social media is that you can build a ‘’customised’’ network of individuals who have this influence on you, but in a positive light. For example, if you have 500 friends on a social media site and they are all into training and being healthy it will inspire you to do the same. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people via social media networks will undoubtedly have a positive influence on your actions!! A study conducted in the USA actually supported the notion that your social company effected your actions by as much as 77%, no matter where in the world you were. Everyone bow to the power of social media!!


Accountability as a generic term is essential if you are ever going to really make head way with your progress. Becoming accountable means making a commitment and sticking to it, but more than that making a commitment to somebody i.e. a trainer for example. Social media allows you to be very accountable at absolutely zero cost to your pocket. As soon as you make your goals public via social media there are literally hundreds, possibly thousands or even tens of thousands following you. This instantly makes you accountable because human nature is to hate failure, especially in front of such a massive audience.

With that said, and when you consider the finding of the previous study mentioned you need to reign in the power of social media!

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