Should We Diet According To Our Blood Type?

Many trainers including some of the most recognised names amongst the ‘’celebrity’’ trainers preach the importance of eating according to your blood type. In contrast there are many equally reputable trainers and industry geniuses who scream BS! Like everything in the fitness world this topic is hotly debated – so what do we think at FitMag to dieting for your blood type? Yay or nay?

Let’s analyse the nuts and bolts.

The Foundations Of Dieting For Your Blood Type

Intricate details of eating specific foods in relation to your own blood type isn’t something we will explore here, let’s keep it generic. The rules of this heavily subscribed to diet protocol states that every blood type has certain foods which agree with it and many which do not. Obviously, the application is to only eat foods which agree with you. Of course the selection process stipulates these foods for you.

This dieting approach was invented by Dr Adamo who has enough credentials to fill a notepad the size of the average celebrities’ autobiography. Therefore it does have substance in the sense that someone with real life science has researched it. Is this enough? We are not sure, yet.

The Pros

Logically it makes sense right? If there really is a way to determine which foods work with your blood type then surely it will benefit you. Eradicating foods which are shown to have a negative effect on your body makes total sense. For example, in Dr Adamo’s book there are certain nuts which can cause a negative effect on blood sugar levels, therefore cutting these out of a client’s diet would help.

The Cons

The biggest issue is whether or not the research is solid enough and the question has to be asked, how do others who do NOT follow this diet protocol get sub 10% body fat on a consistent basis? Most people won’t acknowledge this form of dieting yet a huge percentage get great results. How?


Eating to your blood type will only help with long term health in our opinion. If certain foods antagonise your body it isn’t healthy, even if you ‘’look’’ good on the outside. In regards to it being a superior dieting protocol, it cannot be used exclusively for optimum results because you still have to factor in other things like ‘’nutrient timing’’ for example.

To conclude, the best way to find out which foods work with your body is to have a comprehensive metabolic test. This will outline any foods which do not agree with your own body, because although you might have the same blood type as someone else it doesn’t mean the same rules apply!

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