Ride The Caffeine High Post-Workout with Trevor Macca!

Trevor Macca is a fountain of knowledge with a host of snippets of information on studies, past and present on various topics within the fitness industry!

Today Trevor Explains why Caffeine post-exercise is a must!

As you head out of the gym, your goal immediately switches to ushering your muscles through recovery. And guess what–caffeine can help with that, too. One of the primary requirements of recovery is to refill glycogen stores in muscle cells.

Caffeine boosts glycogen storage as found in a 2008 Australian investigation. Volunteers consumed a meal with 4g carbohydrate per kilo of body weight and 8 mg caffeine per kilo of body weight after an exercise session of cycling to exhaustion. After 4 hours of recovery, the glycogen level of the carbohydrate + caffeine group was 66 % higher than the group that consumed a meal of only carbohydrates.

With hundreds of studies showing positive performance effects of taking caffeine prior to training, new studies show caffeine doesn’t stop working even when you leave the gym.

This is exactly why you need to ride the caffeine high post-exercise, as well as prior!

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