Real Progression! Plateau Buster

How many of you have trained maybe for a handful of years, eat pretty well, use supplements yet your progress seems minimal? This is the story of many gym goers, especially ones who have built a reasonable physique. Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t but if you have hit a plateau and your motivation is falling by the hour I have one word for you and one word only.


As a beginner you will notice that you gain strength faster than Popeye on extra strong spinach right? Every week your bench press increases slightly and the dumbbells you curl get bigger. In response you gain size. In hindsight maybe you want more but the principle remains the same, your body was reacting to a new form of stress and its reaction was to develop new muscle tissue. Whilst I am not somebody who subscribes to ‘’life heavier every week’’ because this is simply impossible on every level long term, I think we can learn something from the process our body goes through when we first begin lifting.

Making Things Happen

As the saying goes for every action there has to be a reaction. The body is an extremely sophisticated piece of machinery; adaptation is something it does better than anything else. Once you go beyond the ‘’shock’’ phase of resistance training the body has equipped itself to deal with the stress. Whilst I believe in repetition after repetition has its place, sometimes there is no replacement for getting down to the nitty gritty and making things happen.

For the next 6 weeks commit to making your training progressive – let’s get into it Dorian Yates style baby. From week 1 track every weight and the amount of reps achieved for every exercise, exceed it for the next 6 weeks. This is a tall order but your goals are tall, you have to do it to be it.

Tell Me Why!

Why should you make this commitment for the next 6 weeks? It will allow you to force the body to make the changes you want it to. Hormonally it has to respond in a more ‘’drastic’’ way due to the new levels of stress it is under. We are aiming for an increased output of testosterone, growth hormone and therefore IGF-1 – the anabolic dream team.

Applying It

Intensity is the focal point of this type of training, not volume. per exercise you want one all out set where you give everything your body has and another 100% if possible, 200% wouldn’t be too much!! Using a training partner isn’t recommended, it is a MUST otherwise this training won’t

Reps with 3-4 second negative repetitions are a must as you begin to fail, forced reps with a training partner and then partial reps. These 6 weeks require every training tool in the box, we are looking to pull you out of a training rut, right? Then get to it and follow the rules!

Use the principles of progression for the next 6 weeks and I bet you will have progressed, ironic?


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