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Getting lean is one thing, getting ‘’photo’’ ready is another and it can take quite a lot of skill to know what to do and at the right times. Over the years I have heard horror stories of people not drinking for 3 days before photos or not eating and using very powerful diuretics – all things I totally disagree with. Here are 3 sure steps to get your physique nice and sharp, ready to get that perfect photo.


Like I said before what people tend to do is just stop drinking it which in my mind is totally crazy, unnecessary and in a lot of cases counter-productive. If you dehydrate your body it will suck water from the muscle and it will become subcutaneous making you look ‘fat.’

Generally what I would recommend is increasing your water to around 6-7 litres a day 7 days from the picture and reduce it by 1-1.5 litres a day until the big day. By doing this the body will get into the habit of passing water more regularly, yet you are gradually reducing the amount going in – without taking drastic measures of course.

Water Control

To emphasise the effect of reducing your subcutaneous water levels you can utilise several natural foods, minerals and vitamins as natural diuretics. Don’t panic, ‘’diuretics’’ are not what I am advocating – these are natural food sources which act as natural diuretics.

7 days before go with 2-3g of Vitamin C and increase it by 0.5-1g a day until you feel you are feeling the effects. Don’t go straight in with high dosages, you will not be out of the bathroom. Asparagus a day before, and mountains of it (last year I ate £10 worth in a DAY!) is another great natural diuretic.

Don’t overdo this, it will become counter-productive and dehydrate you.

Muscle Fullness

In an ideal world you want no water under your skin and loads in your muscles; this is easier said than done. Generally people will carb load before pictures which will in theory put glycogen into the muscles, giving them a rounder look. The ONLY issue is that you can over spill, ruining your condition.

If you are carb sensitive I would recommend loading on fats, lots and lots of healthy fats – for me it wouldn’t be abnormal to have a whole jar of peanut butter across 1.5 days before photos. Fats can still convert to muscle glycogen without causing so much water retention.

If you can handle carbs I would recommend rice cakes, again lots of them and the leaner you are the more likely it is adding jam for example may help.

There are a few great tips to sharpen up your physique before your photos!

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