No Excuses, ''Jet Setter''

Making the ultimate commitment to yourself to stick to a diet programme which will eventually lead you to the body you desire is something which requires immense levels of dedication. One of the most challenging obstacles you will face is travelling – especially when you travel abroad.

As I sit and write this I am waiting to travel to Dubai from Mumbai, India. Not only do I have my own diet and training worries to stay on top of, I have my clients as well who is in his last 10 days of his transformation with me. If ever there was a time which will test my ability to stay on track it is today, so what steps have I taken?

Below are 3 simple steps I have taken to ensure neither of us falls behind on our eating schedule.

Get Baking

I am not going to kid you, I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful girlfriend who is amazing at cooking healthy protein muffins!! The recipe is something we came up with together and it tastes amazing. More than that, the convenience it represents is fantastic and you can cook days’ worth in just one baking sessions. Give it a go; your fridge will always have an option for you waiting the next time you travel.

3 scoops of almond flour

1 crushed apple (skinless)

1 scoop of quinoa flour

1 tablespoon of crunchy natural peanut butter

3 scoops of chocolate protein powder

5 egg whites

10 teaspoons of stevia

STIR & Bake until cooked! Simples.


Most airports won’t allow you to carry food items in your hand luggage unless they are in sealed sachets which you could not have added to them in anyway. Funnily enough here in Mumbai I just went straight through with several items I expected to raise alarms (nothing illegal!!) but I just sailed through.

For every other day which isn’t such an easy journey travel with protein powder sachets, oat sachets and bags of nuts. On board you can always get boiling water which I add to a bowl of protein powder and oats, or if carbs are off the menu carry some sealed peanut butter and mix that up with the protein powder and hot water.


My client is staying in a different hotel to me (having nearly choked to death on air when I saw the price per night for his stay) I can see why, so I have made sure his hotel as well as mine caters for our needs.

When you cannot be too choosy the simple things are most important – we are talking lean meat sources cooked with olive oil (not butter or inferior greasy oils), eggs, nuts, certain fruits and of course our protein powders.

Make sure that wherever you are travelling to has all of these things readily available. When I arrive in Dubai I will be heading to meet with the head chef of my client’s hotel, then mine. Control your environment and make sure whatever you need is there, it might take effort, hassle and fuss but that is the journey we have committed ourselves to right?

What is your excuse? Being a jet-setter certainly isn’t one!!

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