''Next Monday'' - How Your Environment Controls You

Are you the type of person who always sets a goal to begin a new transformation ‘’next Monday’’ only to find that the following Monday seems a more suitable date? If so then you will find that ‘’next Monday’’ always appears to be better than this Monday. It is a vicious circle which always justifies inaction. More often than not the same social network obstacles cause this and in order to overcome this you need to break the trend. Do any of these factors seem familiar to you?

Work Environment

If you work in an office with a large group of people there is always some reason to celebrate, birthdays, anniversary’s and the likes of. In a tradesman’s environment the usual suspects include pasties, biscuits and sandwiches and in a trade `where ‘’physical’’ energy is needed it is no wonder people resort to sugary foods. The first thing people will say to you at work is ‘’why’’ are you eating that food? They will probably belittle it too and call it ‘’rabbit food’’ or question your intentions, this is where most people cave in and think ‘’sod it.’’


Outside of work the people who probably influence you most will be your friends. In a group of friends there will always be people who support your new lifestyle, and unfortunately those who do not. The latter will laugh, think it is pointless and say it will not work – this is possibly one of the hardest things to deal with during a transition in lifestyle.


Probably the hardest hurdle in my opinion is your partner. If they are on side it is a BREEZE, if not then you are going to have some tough times ahead. Partners generally have the strongest pull on your behaviour and they won’t mind arguing about it if they don’t like your response. If you say ‘’no’’ to certain foods and they want you to say ‘’yes’’ they will let you know, sometimes causing friction between you.


There are several easy solutions to all of the above issues. Positivity is the first thing you need to surround yourself in, in abundance might I add. Find role models who inspire you and make you want to achieve your goals – if it takes a ‘’pep talk’’ from them every day to keep you focussed do so, take their book to work, read their online blogs or watch their videos. Anything which makes you feel as though you can comfortably deflect any negativity which is thrown your way at work.

With your friends this is a case of being selective – not necessarily avoiding those who disagree with your efforts but choosing your time with them wisely. Going out for food with them isn’t wise and in some instances you may end up not spending so much time with certain friends of yours.

With the partners this is a much more complex situation. If you intend on staying together then education and showing them WHY you want to do it is the only way, if this doesn’t work then. . . . . . . .I am not your point of call!

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