Mass gaining nightmare - Low appetite

I am without doubt one of the worst mass gainers that I know. I would describe myself as a hard gainer and I am naturally an ectomorph who struggles to put on weight.


I have been through periods in the past of eating up around 8000 calories per day for a matter of 4 weeks and not putting on a single pound. My body just seems to reach a weight (94-96kg) that it doesn’t want to get past. I have weighed this amount many times in my life but no matter what I try I never get past this barrier.


The main thing stopping me is appetite. I can never sustain eating enough to gain size for a long period of time. It is something that has hindered me for a long time and has literally played on my mind every day for years. I love food when I’m dieting. I literally crave food and enjoy every second of cheat day. However when trying to gain size and eating because I have to I find it extremely difficult.


Due to these difficulties I have come up with a few methods that help me in eating foods even when my appetite doesn’t allow it. Forcing down 8000 calories per day is hard work so you need a few tricks up your sleeve.


So here are my 3 tips to overcoming low appetite and gaining size.


1)    Tell yourself you are on a diet –


One of the hardest parts about eating a mass gain diet is telling yourself that you have to eat the food. As soon as it becomes a chore that you must do you lose the enjoyment of eating. As soon as you tell yourself that you are trying to drop body fat and you aren’t allowed to eat then you are instantly hungry. The best method of using this for mass gaining is to actually be on a cutting diet where you restrict your food and cut out all crap food that you would normally crave. From that point you will keep the diet the same but very gradually increase the calories in each meal and add new meals to bring the calorie level up to above maintenance level. At no point though do you add in the foods that you crave that wouldn’t normally have on a fat loss diet. This leads to incredibly good lean gains.


2)    Utilize liquid nutrients –


There is no denying that it is far easier to consume calories in liquid form than it is to consume a solid meal. Utilizing liquid meals will help you to get in the calories that any hardgainer needs without filling you up too much. I personally have used many high calorie mass gainer shakes in the past but feel that they are often overpriced and not necessarily full of the right nutrients. That is why I developed the mega shake. It contains over 1200 calories and they are all from amazingly good sources so you will gain the mass you need and not just excessive fat. You can see the recipe here:


3)    Use appetite stimulators –


There are very few products on the market that I have tried and can say without a doubt that they work 100%. One of those few supplements is anabolic designs ravenous.


Ravenous is a product designed to boost appetite as well as improving digestion and the uptake of nutrients. It stops bloating, helps you to digest and utilize food better and also genuinely makes you hungry throughout the day. It is the only product I have used that has boosted my hunger levels a noticeable degree.



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