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Although many will relate to my work as a transformation over a course of a given time I like to emphasise the importance of a complete lifestyle switch. To make a successful switch getting into the shape of your life is only part of the battle, the second part is ENJOYING what you are doing so that you can maintain it – indefinitely. Below are 3 steps I would recommend anyone to take if you are going to make this a total lifestyle switch and you are NOT a professional athlete or bodybuilder.

Gourmet Food

OK that title may be a little over zealous for some but the point is this, if you have eaten for 12 weeks a diet you have grown to hate what do you think you are going to do on day 85? Over eat and scoff half of the local supermarket down probably, all by breakfast. Instead if you have the foresight to enjoy your meals during a transformation and take the time to cook healthy, good tasting meals then it will become a lifestyle. Look at ALL the ingredients you are allowed and get creative. As an example, I am allowed natural peanut butter so my partner made me an unbelievably tasty satay chicken meal on the weekend. It tasted better than any restaurant food yet it was 110% compliant with my diet. When this is achieved why would I crave junk food? The same can be said for YOU!


When you have a cheat day to eat what you want how do you feel after the first few mouthfuls? By the end of the day you feel pretty crap both physically and mentally right? The next day you probably feel worse. However next week or the week after you forget about this and want to go through it all over again. Keeping a diary is a fantastic way to keep yourself mentally on track with your new lifestyle. Just record how you feel and read it before another ‘’binge’’ day is due. It might well encourage you to go for a more sensible day of eating knowing what the outcome shall be from past experience.

Plan Ahead

Human nature says that we enjoy having things to look forward to. This can mean looking forward to a gathering in 20 days’ time, where you know there will be loads of great food you would love to enjoy. If you are eating clean for the majority of time knowing you have up and coming dates where you want to relax is great, you can go there and indulge knowing that the next day you will back on track. The secret to longevity with a lifestyle transformation is to do the right things most of the time, this is what really counts.

These pointers will help you do these things, over and over again equating to long term progress.

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