Maintaining Your Future Physique!

One of the toughest parts of completing a transformation is the body you are left with. It almost fulfils what you aimed for, now how do you go about on maintaining it? Before we go into the ‘’how’’ one of the best things you can ever remember is this – to maintain this body all you need to do is live what you do. Let that sink in, it basically means don’t view your life as a chain of ‘’diets’’ and instead acknowledge you now live life this way.

No, this doesn’t mean you can never eat junk, drink beer or have the occasional week off – but that is all part of your new life, using the same principles which got you where you are today, in order to stay there and progress.

90% Rule

This is a very simple rule to live by and one which should keep you looking sharp, at least sharp enough for day to day life. With my clients once they are beyond their initial transformation phase I will put them on to a programme where they follow this very rule.

It simply states that once you are in shape and I am talking GREAT shape (sub 10% body fat for guys, 16% for ladies) then eating clean for 6 days of the week and having the 7th as a means enjoy yourself is fine! In fact, I believe once you are in this level of condition eating this way actually accelerates your progress on several fronts.

Getting Creative

If you haven’t already got a list of healthy recipes it is time to get your ‘’Jamie Oliver’’ on!! During a transformation things tend to get a little bland, well very bland in fact. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy every meal you eat, the options are endless. From the perspective of somebody who is conscious of carbohydrates (sugars in particular) yet wants to enjoy their food the following ingredients provide just a snippet of the potential.

Coconut milk

Almond butter

Peanut butter




Baby corn


Combining the ingredients above as well as a load of others allows you to create some mouth-watering dishes which are guilt free.

New Direction

Forget the boy band; I am talking about goal setting. The maintenance phase can be a very boring process for the simple fact that there is no real objective – human nature is to want more, the body you now have is something you want to improve on no doubt and it always will be.

Although you may be happy with the way things are, always keep a goal at the forefront of your efforts just in case you become complacent. This doesn’t always have to be related to body recomposition – maybe it is a functional goal, getting stronger, faster, fitter. Just always set goals and maintaining your physique becomes effortless.

Maintenance phase solved, moving forwards and upwards.


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