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The world of ‘’abs’’ and being healthy usually means eating rabbit food, or at least that is the widely accepted perception of the fitness industry. To look good you must suffer, and suffer a lot at that! However there are many people who enjoy a very nutritious diet which delivers them amazing results, yet it tastes amazing to.

Here are 3 ways you can look to modify your ‘’boring’’ diet and add a tasty edge to it now!!

Like For Like

Make a list of all the foods you love and hate to miss and analyse the ingredients. What like for like changes could you make to transform this dish or snack into a recipe which complies with your new dietary requirements? Satay chicken, chocolate mousse, hot chocolate mousse, chocolate muffins, blueberry pancakes and so many other recipes are all things I LOVE and get to eat every day. Why? Simply because the nutritional values add up, without ANY compromise. I was able to find like for like ingredients which help achieve an amazing taste and benefit my physique.

Sweeten Up

Most foods we miss on a diet are sweet, or many of them are anyway. This means that if we are able to source ingredients which add sweetness to food without compromising us on our goals then we are in business. One of my favourite natural sweeteners is stevia which is a plant extract. It doesn’t have the usual bad stuff like aspartame or MSG – and it is 300 times sweeter than sugar to boot!! Many of my recipes will contain stevia, especially desserts.

Get Creative

Try new combinations, new ratios and new foods which you may not have tried before. It was only last year I had avocado for the first time and now they will generally feature in my diet every single day. If your meal is ‘’chicken breast and avocado’’ for example don’t just think of eating those two foods completely separately in their simplest forms. Get some beansprouts, baby corn, carrots, added with the avocado and throw them in a pan with some coconut oil for example, and then the chicken. There are so many calorie free spice rubs you can also add to the chicken to further enhance the taste.

Every time you come up with a new recipe don’t stop there, try adding things and making small alterations until it becomes even better. One of my cheesecake recipes was very tasty, but once I started playing around with coconut shavings, natural cocoa and calorie free caramel syrup it reached a whole new level. Reading these points should have opened your mind up to making your diet taste good!

We only live once so you should enjoy your food. Great tasting good and nutritious food is something which can co-exist in today’s world. Keep an eye out in the coming week’s here on

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