Insane workouts - Arms and Legs



Smith machine squats + squat jumps superset:
3 x 10kg each side

15 reps under bar + 20 squat jumps

take off 10kg each side, back under bar immediately,

15 reps squat + 20 squat jumps

take 10kg off each side, back under bar immediately,

25 reps + 20 squat jumps

((((((repeat 3 times)))))))

Reverse lunge to high knee + jump lunge superset:

incase you dont know what that is its these:

holding 10kg each hand:

20 reps of lunges, drop dumbbells, 20 reps of jumps

((((((repeat 3 times)))))

plyometic leg press:

really slow down then explode up and let the press come off your feet for a split second.

max weight for 15 reps. when you cant do anymore where the weight comes off your feet do 10 normal reps.

((((( repeat 3 times)))))))






underhand inverted row (close grip)
+ Close grip press ups (superset)

rep to failure on both, repeat 3 times then rest 30 seconds.

(((repeat 3 times)))

Straight bar cable curls + Cable tricep pushdown (super set)

put on weight that you can do 8 reps relatively easily, perform 8 reps, then increase the weight, perform 8 reps, increase the weight and repeat. keep increasing until you cant get to 8 reps, then go back up the stack doing the same weights as before but 12 reps instead of 8.

Do this for biceps, then immediately for triceps. rest 30 seconds then repeat 3 times.

Giant sets: perform all exercises without resting

Biceps -
straight barbell curls - 8 reps
dumbbell hammer curls - 8 reps
light preacher curls - 12 reps

Triceps -
bench dips (feet on bench as well) - 10 reps
Lying barbell tricep extensions - 8 reps
Close grip push ups to failure

perform 3 of each giant set

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