Has the olympics motivated you?

One of the greatest things about the Olympics is the effect it has on the people who see it. The Olympics is the biggest and most awe inspiring sporting event in the world and can inspire people to take up sport in any sense.


The Olympics has been going on in London now for over a week and I can already see the massive effect it is having on the country. I work in a gym and the numbers have increased dramatically. I have seen people doing clean and jerks when they would never have attempted it before.


Role models like Jessica Ennis and casting a new light on fitness for women and showing that you can have a 6 pack and still look feminine and beautiful.


So how has the Olympics motivated me?


The Olympics shows people who have achieved greatness in their sport. There is no denying that the people competing in this contest are the best in the world at what they do. Achieving the status of ‘the greatest’ in something that you have chosen to do or build your life around is an achievement that is near unrivalled in my eyes.


Seeing these people at the top of their game gives me the motivation to make myself better in everything that I choose to do. Its not just about weight training or weight lifting like the weight lifters in the Olympics. It is about training to be better in anything, whether that be my job, my personal life or any sport that I take part in.


My favourite part of the Olympics so far has been the weight lifting. The amazing weights that these men and women can lift never ceases to amaze me. Although it doesn’t help my ego being out-lifted by a woman who weighs 30kg less than me it really shows me what hard work and discipline can do.


I think the weight lifting is something that anyone who goes to the gym and trains with weights should watch. The clean and jerk and the snatch are 2 of the best exercises for functional strength, balance, coordination, power and speed. If you participate in any physical sport then these are 2 lifts that you should add to your routine.






Once the Olympics are over I am keen to see how the nation reacts. Whether it changes its lazy ways and starts to take a bigger focus on fitness. I hope the government will see how positively Great Britain has reacted to the Olympics and put more money into sport, development of young athletes and more facilities throughout the UK.


So if you have watched the Olympics and marveled at the achievements made by these super human men and women, why not give it a go yourself. You may not win a gold medal but you will certainly become a fitter healthier person.



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