Fat loss nightmare - high appetite

I recently posted an article on how having a low appetite can play havoc with your mass gain plans. The same can be said for the reversal.


There are many aspects of dieting that can make it hard to drop body fat. The food planning, the monotony of the meals, the low energy from low calories and many other restrictive aspects on your life make for a tough time dieting. However the hardest part for me is the constant hunger. Trying to keep my appetite at bay is a constant daily struggle.


This is a weird concept as when I’m attempting to gain mass I can barely eat anything and I am never hungry. However as soon as I am on a diet and I’m not allowed certain foods I instantly crave them and feel hungry all day.


There are many tips and methods that I use in order to try and control appetite and avoid feeling hunger all day. It is something that I feel would benefit anyone on a diet. If you can stop focusing on the hunger and just concentrate on performing the diet and training hard then you will not only get better results but you will enjoy the diet experience far more.


1)    Have set meal times every day


Whenever I diet I have a diet plan that has set meal times. Many people will just have meals 1, 2, 3, etc and not have a specific time to eat them. This leads to eating more meals close together when you get hungry then having nothing left for later when you get really hungry on a night. This inevitably leads to the temptation to cheat. Whenever I diet I stick to the meal timings religiously so that this never happens. When you know what time you are eating you can prepare your body for the time without food and know that you don’t have long to wait. You can look forward to each meal because you know exactly how long you have to wait in between.


2)    Cut down calories gradually


One of the worst methods of dieting is just cutting out food by a massive degree right from the start. This firstly will lead to plateaus in weight loss but will also leave your body craving all the food that it was getting only a short while ago. Any fat loss programme that I follow will be progressive and start on relatively high calories. I drop the calories gradually to allow my body to adapt to the diet and to keep the results coming. This leads to an adaptation of the body and doesn’t lead you to feel instantly very hungry.


3)    Use appetite suppressing products and supplements


Appetite suppressants aren’t something that I have always used. Partly because I never found them to work very well in the past. I have used thermogenice fat burners to give me a bit more energy whilst dieting and to help with a boost in calorie burning, but I never invested in appetite control products. Luckily a company combined the 2 very effectively. Anabolic designs shredabull is one of the best thermogenic fat burners that I have used and is also the only truly effective appetite control product as well. The shredabull will literally kill my cravings almost instantly. Even at the very end of  a fat loss diet where I may be really struggling the shredabull helps massively. This is a product that I thoroughly recommend investing in.





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