Does Insulin Matter For Fat Loss - Part 1

This is the calm before the storm, the opening ceremony, the pre-event. There is an on-going debate amongst the world of fitness and I am going to put down my ideas and opinions, my two cents. The argument is in relation to nutrition and the effects, or lack of effects different foods from the same food groups have on us. For instance, one corner will argue that different carbohydrates will affect insulin levels at different times of the day as where the other corner will say they won’t, and that insulin sensitivity isn’t really that important.

Part of me thinks ‘’this is a serious waste of my time’’ because the corner who scream ‘’insulin sensitivity’’ is irrelevant to body composition results are barking mad and delusional in my mind. Yet they will say the same about me, and this achieves nothing. So I then point to not only my clients results (which have been recognised as ‘’outstanding’’ and are about to collect some pretty impressive accolades) but the results of all the top trainers who believe in insulin sensitivity.

The other corner will point at theirs, and this is where I begin to pick their argument apart for starters. Many of the people who claim carbohydrates are all equal get great results with this approach, amazing results in fact. However this is their downfall, they fail to recognise that for a lot of people hormone manipulation is essential for body recomposition and that without it many will simply go nowhere, fast. Just because results are achieved via the most desirable path where ‘’prohibited’’ foods work for you, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else. Science has a lot to say about this and it boils down to insulin sensitivity in my opinion, a gift some are born with more so than others.

Like I said, this is the calm before the storm – I am compiling a ‘’bible’’ of content from studies and from some of the most recognised trainers in the world which all support the notion that insulin sensitivity matters. Without the correct insulin management a calorie deficit isn’t going to work, again for most. If we are talking ‘’weight loss’ it might well do just that, make you lose weight. If we are talking about improving body composition and dropping BODY FAT and building lean muscle mass then a calorie deficit alone won’t achieve this. Let me reword that, not to a significant enough extent to qualify as an impressive transformation – again, for MOST people, certainly not all. If this was the case, staying in a calorie deficit (20% sub maintenance for arguments sake) eating sugary carbohydrates would allow you to get lean. The thing is, a large proportion of people don’t actually eat that much they just eat the wrong foods at the wrong times in the wrong quantities.

If calories really were the big secret we would all be looking ready to walk on a front cover magazine shoot, but we are not. Sure, many over indulge but a lot don’t – yet they still have stubborn fat. What could this be? If you ask me (any MANY of the world’s experts in this field) they will point to hormones and hormone management. Part 2 will be along soon, talk about sending a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

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