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The tone of the majority of messages I will receive suggest ‘’drastic’’ or ‘’rapid’’ results are what is on everyone’s mind. If you could bottle up these two ‘’power phrases’’ as a commodity and label it they would sell for a fortune – everything these days has to happen now, if people don’t see results today they won’t be interested tomorrow.

At least that is the impression many create, yet all the people who carry show stopping physiques generally have a very different mind-set.

Beyond the ‘’dreamers’’ mind-set which is fuelled by nonsense headlines on glossy magazines promising a herculean physique in 21 days and the likes of, what goes into the physiques you see is blood, sweat, tears and consistency over a long period of time!

If you are willing to do the same and give up on faddy promises which promise to deliver today, instead of tomorrow then you will get real results. Below are the fundamental pillars of building the physique of your dreams.


How badly do you want it? How far are you willing to go? Everyone has their limit in every walk of life – some want wealth but don’t want to go out of their comfort zone to attain it just like everyone wants to look like a fitness model but they don’t want to live like one.

Be honest, as you sit and read this how desperate are you to go through the real process to achieve your goal? Most won’t have the mind-set to go ALL the way, that is a very tough journey but it is one which is open to you freely – you just have to be willing. Are you?

Emotional Control

Some people will have you believe they are ready to diet harder than 10 Mr Olympia athletes combined for the next 5 years only to find next week they have lost that drive. Emotions are very powerful and it is quite common for individuals to allow them to control their behaviour.

Whilst we all have ‘’good’’ and ‘’bad’’ days you have to ensure you do not allow emotions to control your behaviour, negatively. When you are feeling like it, stick to it - when you are not, take a moment to acknowledge today isn’t your day but you must continue. Many will cope with a ‘’bad’’ day by eating junk, if you are serious about getting across that bridge to the other side and achieving this physique you cannot!

Control your emotions or they will control you.

Total Focus

This point summarises and encapsulates what it takes to design the mind-set which will allow you to achieve your physical goals. Above all else you must remain focussed on the task at hand and more importantly your goal. If you lose sight of your goal by allowing your focus to lapse then cheating follows soon after. After all, why stick to the plan when you don’t have complete focus on this goal you are shooting for?

Get designing that mind-set of yours, this will pave the path for your physical development to follow.

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