Chronicles Of 'Average Joe' Part 2

This week’s ‘’Chronicles of Average Joe’’ covers a typical discussion I will have with somebody in regards to training for size, generally young gentlemen. . . . . . .

Client: Chief, I want to get big but not too big and I am going on holiday in 8 weeks – I can benching heavy twice a week and I am pretty strong on bicep curls now. How can I progress quicker, I really want cut between my pecs and big arms.

AG: First of all, let’s not be delusional in 8 weeks you can make great progress however Rome wasn’t built in a day, or 8 weeks and neither will your physique. Secondly, I don’t really care what you bench or how much you bicep curl – I am more interested in your training split. . . . .

Client: OK, what do you mean? What is a ‘’training split?’’

AG: You’re weekly training rotation where you train ALL of your muscle groups. To get fast results forget focussing on your chest or arms, hit every muscle group such as your back, shoulders, legs along with your ‘’mirror muscles’’ and you will PROGRESS.

Client: So if I want to build a beach body, you are telling me I have to train legs, every week!!??

AG: Of course, there is nothing like an intense leg workout to stimulate your natural anabolic hormones and improve insulin sensitivity!!

Client: Right. . . . . . . . So what should my training split look like?

AG: There are endless training systems and training splits you can follow. In your case as somebody without a solid training foundation or programme in place I would recommend following these basic rules:

- Week 1 5-8 repetitions, week 2 8-15 repetitions, week 3 15-25 repetitions

- Week 1 8-10 working sets, week 15-20 working sets, week 3 12-15 working sets

- 1 second concentric, 2 second isometric contraction, 2-3 second eccentric contraction

- Rest periods 1-2 minutes

- Train each body part once a week using the following split

Monday – Back & Calves

Tuesday – Chest & Triceps

Wednesday – Off

Thursday Shoulders & Biceps

Friday – Legs

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Off

Client: That is a lot of training, so what supplements should I be taking?

AG: This is a big enough lesson for today, get your diet sorted (we spoke about this last week, how are you doing with that by the way?) and get your training underway. If you stick it out, we will talk basic supplements next week.



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