Chronicles Of 'Average Joe' - Part 1

Every week FitMag has a new feature with Adam Gethin, where he will run through a common conversation he has with many clients and people asking for advice or general topics. This week the topic is eating for fat loss.

Client – So Adam, I decided I wanted to shape up so I started having healthy cereal for breakfast with some fruit and I also have a glass of fruit juice. What else should I do with my other meals?

AG – Start over again with your breakfast first, this screams ‘’I read glossy magazines’’ to me!! I always recommend a high protein breakfast, generally from a lean meat such as beef or venison with nuts. In some cases breakfast with oats and either a protein shake or egg whites are also great options. Sack the fruit juice, generally the vitamins in fruit are fat or fibre soluble and fruit juice has neither not to mention the sugar content.

Client – Meat for breakfast? That sounds awful! What about the rest of the day?

AG – It may do at first but you will learn to love it, especially when you feel your energy levels improve and you see the body composition results. There is no way I can just tell you what you should be eating for the rest of the day without doing some more digging, we are all different. However, just this once I will give you some general rules which I recommend for optimum fat loss. OK?

Client – I’m listening. . . . . . .

AG – Ok, as I said these are generic rules but I think for somebody who has never eaten with proper structure this will have a big impact on your results – the right kind of impact at that.

- Aim to eat something every 3 hours

- Eat a minimum of 1g of protein per pound of lean body weight (I prefer 1.5g but it is a start)

- Limit carbohydrates to 100g a day from LOW GI sources

- Aim to consume 50-80g (approximately) of healthy fats across the day

- Try and eat wild game meat as much as possible, opposed to hormone infested meats

- Eat 3-4 servings of fibrous vegetables a day, preferable organic

- Cook your meats in coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or natural butter in some cases

- Avoid ‘’low fat’’ or ‘’low calorie’’ foods, they are normally rich in hydrogenated fats which are bad for health and body composition

- Limit junk food to twice a week, view these as rewards for your discipline

- Avoid fruit rich in fructose, stick to berries

Client – Fats, have you gone crazy? Low fat and low calorie foods are marketed as the best ways to lose weight, are you saying their wrong?

AG – In this context yes!! Calories are not so important, what is important is where they come from. Healthy fat sources will help control hormones which improve health and body composition. Hydrogenated fats have been heavily linked to increasing the risk of cancer and the body is unable to utilise the energy so well.

Client – Oh, I see. And what supplements should I take?

AG – Get your diet in check first, if you can handle that I will teach you about proper supplement usage next time. As I said, tick all of the above boxes and then we will talk about supplementation.



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