Can I Enjoy Dairy & Get Lean?

Dairy products are loved by many and hated by others – one group will scream about the importance of dairy products due to their rich calcium content as where others will shoot dairy foods down, claiming the lactose will cause fat gains. The more I learn about the topic the more I have a split view point, some are OK others are not. To say ‘’dairy’’ is bad is kinda like saying ‘’red meat’’ is bad – you cannot put all of the items which fall within that food group under one umbrella.


When we look to eat in a way which will promote insulin sensitivity we want to avoid foods which will cause rapid spikes, although there are a few exceptions to this rule. Dairy products generally speaking contain lactose which can raise insulin levels dramatically, blunting insulin sensitivity. However, most of the dairy products sold today are pasteurized which basically subtracts away the calcium dramatically. Low fat dairy products are now also the most common choice which means when you ingest them the body recognises them as a carbohydrate – not a fat. As a result the kind of dairy products I would recommend include full fat greek yogurt, full fat cottage cheese and things like goats cheese. If it is a ‘’fat reduced’’ product leave it on the shelf.

Drink Milk

Children drinking milk is great; it is a great wholesome food which contains an array of micronutrients, namely calcium. In this instance I would always recommend full fat milk for the reasons given above and if I had it my way I would also choose a non-pasteurized milk from a clean, reliable source. As an adult chasing optimum body composition results I would not drink milk, ultimately the lactose will blunt your insulin sensitivity making it harder to shed body fat.


By now you can probably work out that I believe in certain dairy foods but I also believe in moderation, especially where dairy foods are concerned. Having a serving of organic goat’s cheese once or twice a week and the same amount of full fat Greek yogurt is absolutely fine in my opinion – and of course they both taste great!! With the yogurt you can get really creative and make smoothies with berries for example and if you are really advanced, goat’s cheese is a great addition to a salad or healthy pizza.

There is my take on dairy, yes or no? YES! But it needs to be the right form of dairy food and in moderation – using this policy is the best way to get the best of both worlds, in my opinion of course!

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