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Personal training is an industry I have very passionate about; to be able to help people achieve the physique of their dreams through intelligent application of diet and training along with hard graft is what it is all about. Unfortunately the bar isn’t set very highly, to be a ‘’qualified PT’’ means not a lot more than you are able to be insured to work as a PT. It is a frightening fact that you are able to become a fully qualified personal train aka ‘’fitness expert’’ in FOUR WEEKS where most other professions it take months, and often years. Having said all this there are some fantastic personal trainers out there, new ones as well who WANT to be the best. If that sounds like you, here are 3 ways I would recommend you separate yourself from the ever growing crowd of ‘’fitness experts’’ today!!


Reputation is everything in most businesses, but in the personal training world it is the ULTIMATE credential you need if you are going to succeed. As a beginner or somebody new to the industry the fastest way to do this is to transform 2-3 people rapidly over a 12 week period, even if it is for free. Provided that you get outstanding results then these are a massive investment as they will win you clients time and time again, for years to come. Make sure these transformations are ‘’WOW’’ and I promise they shall serve you well – money comes once you have something to justify your services by.


If I was to become a personal trainer where I lived back in West Wales I would probably have 2 clients – the location just doesn’t lend itself to personal training due to the fact it is so rural. Getting your services out there online is something I would highly recommend. This can be a very nice side income or a full on business with the right marketing. The key again is to get your testimonials together and show the world what you can do. Once you do this you can clients in all parts of the world, Australia, Dubai, USA, Spain. . . .The options are endless.

Education The training world is absolutely rife with a variety of ‘’groups’’ of people who preach complete and utter BS. Some of the worst trainers are those who are in GREAT shape and are able to eat a lot of what they want (even if it involves counting calories to stay in a deficit) and then believe ANYONE can do this!! Education is a great way to further improve your credibility as a trainer – look at courses run by Charles Poliquin, Phil Learney, Nick Mitchell, Kris Gethin and Neil Hill are all great choices.

Using some of these tips will certainly help you become a better trainer, both the quality of services you offer and your marketability.

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