Are You Tough Enough?

Back when I was a good I used to be obsessed with watching SAS style documentaries and series – yes at the time I wanted to be the next Rambo, which 8 year old doesn’t? However in hindsight I think what really interested me was the sheer brutality of their training and the frequently asked question – ‘’are you tough enough?’’

Now I have the stage to ask the very same question, here is a workout which will make your stomach do summersaults. Talk about strength, endurance and stamina being tested to the MAX!!

Before I spill the beans, I just want to emphasise that this workout is not for the faint hearted and that it would be wise to ensure you are adequately experienced to do this – both mentally and physically. Let’s go!!

Resistance Circuit X 5 (60 seconds rest between each circuit)

Squats 10 repetitions

Clean & Press 10 repetitions

Wide Grip Pull-Ups 10 repetitions

Bench press 10 repetitions

Endurance Circuit X 5 (60 seconds rest between each circuit)

Box jumps 20 repetitions

Burpees 20 repetitions

Tire & Rope drag (40 metres)

Sledge Hammer & Tire 20 repetitions each arm

Farmers Walk (40 metres)

Fireman Hoses (rope) 30 seconds

Final Frontier Circuit X 5 (60 seconds rest between each circuit)

15 second sprint

25 press ups

25 bench dips

25 upright rows

15 second sprint

Having read that you are probably thinking I have completely lost the plot! Yep it is pretty intense and it isn’t something you would be doing every week. The reason for this sudden leap into ‘’crazy training’’ is from learning the way UFC fighters train. These guys are animals; well actually that doesn’t do them justice!! The way they train just makes you shiver watching it, it makes you want to puke and you haven’t even flexed a single muscle fibre yet. This relates back to elite military training and the way they train and the way they mentally prepare themselves to go through pain most people will never actually experience. Can I do this workout myself? Just about – at a push once in a while. It is very taxing and for those of you who are lazy with your training you may find this a notch too much, you won’t feel like finishing half way through! What will you get out of it? More than anything else complete mental clarity that you are sufficiently conditioned to go through gruelling workouts on a weekly basis. By setting the bar so high once every now and again it helps keep your mental strength topped up.

SO, are you tough enough?

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