Adam Gethin's 8 Week Transformation - Week 7

How is it going guys? Week 7 and I am left wondering where does time go – it felt like only yesterday I committed to eating totally clean for 8 weeks, yet it is nearly time to pull the top off and show what I have managed. The last week, what has it been like? Well, for the last two weeks I promised I wouldn’t complain about being in India and the issues it has caused me in terms of being ill – but then it got worse. Stomach


Within the first 24 hours of landing in India I was bed ridden with a Doctor pressing around my abdomen as I had a suspected stomach infection – I was being violently sick and couldn’t eat, I was a mess and lost 14lbs in 24 hours!! Roll on 7 weeks and I am pretty ill, this week I have had a very bad stomach infection again. Luckily for me I have the will-power of a, well something with a LOT of will-power so even though I am ill I won’t skip meals. But, this leads me on to the next point . . . .

Protein. . . . No Go

As most of you know or will at least guess my diet is predominately protein along with healthy fats, however when there is bad bacteria in your digestive tract the last thing your body wants to break down is dense protein. With that said I have been forced to lower my protein intake significantly which isn’t the end of the world, I hold on to size well – however I have had to increase my carbs significantly which isn’t so good. Nearly all of these carbs have come from brown toast which has really helped stop my stomach playing up, but in regards to my body fat levels it has undoubtedly caused me to plateau. I guess health is first but nevertheless it has REALLY annoyed me – however I still think my pictures SHOULD be ok for next week!

Moving Forward

Right now my weight training is very erratic due to my sickness, there is no way I could train properly and it would be very stupid of me to do so – my immune system is already smashed! Right now I am trying to get some low impact cardio done daily and circuits as and when I can. The diet is going to be as stated above until I am better, but I am keeping calorie fairly low so in theory I shouldn’t gain much body fat – I hope.

The one thing I will say to you is this, even when times are hard you can control things to the best of your ability and stay on track. This week I could have killed a pizza but I didn’t and just because your not quite right doesn’t mean you need to jack it in!

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