3 Steps Towards Dominating Shoulders!

Boulder shoulders may not be the phrase which inspires you to train your delts to the point of near death, it may sound a little too ‘’aggressive’’ for some. Having said that there is no denying that a well-developed set of 3 dimensional cannonball deltoids is one of the best ways to create the ultimate v-taper illusion – a must accessory for any beach body hopeful.

Unless your genetics allow you to enjoy naturally well-developed deltoids and the obvious help of wide clavicles (something not many are blessed with) then building impressive shoulders can be tough.

Follow this 3 step guide to guarantee ultimate success on your quest to construct Olympian shoulders!!


Contrary to wide belief there are actually 7 small heads within your deltoids, not 3. Generally we are told that we have an anterior head, medial head and posterior head. In reality there are smaller heads which construct each side or portion of each deltoid. Knowing this is crucial because it now makes sense that the people who generally have the best well rounded shoulder caps use several angles during their shoulder workouts. Make sure every workout you do focusses on using posterior angles, medial angles and anterior angles and everything in between. Experiment with new angles as well, you may find something which really sets your deltoids on fire!!


Simply taking a minute to consider what the main functions of the shoulders are will tell you a story. Deltoids are always moving, all day long which means that the chances are there are more type1 slow twitch muscle fibres within that muscle group. As a result many people find that high volume training with shoulders works fantastically well. With that said I recommend using many drop sets, giant sets, high repetition sets and even partial repetitions just to emphasise the tension on the deltoid heads.

Isometric and Eccentric

Shoulder training is often very fast and furious with many people; they hoist weights about but fail to see the main focal point – to force the muscles to contract. To really force the deltoids to respond focus on the isometric contraction and use a very slow negative. This will help force more muscle fibre recruitment and high threshold motor unit recruitment!! This will make the burn within the deltoids extreme making it very tough to endure, but for those who do they will enjoy the results!!

Are you ready to see results? Over a 6 week period of implementing these protocols you should be able to notice a significant different within your shoulder development!

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