3 Fundamental Rules For Ladies - Ultimate Body Recomposition!

Ladies I feel for you when I just glance at a lot of the BS which is written in some of the most popular magazines read by the female population. If men think they have it bad with misinformation then ladies have it 10 times worse! There are basic fundamentals a lady needs to follow in order to improve body composition which doesn’t always mean the most WEIGHT lost.

Losing weight is easy, do LOADS and exercise and eat very few calories – your weight will plummet but your body fat levels probably won’t, instead your muscle tissue will go leaving no tone. Follow these three fundamental rules to ensure you are on the RIGHT track to optimised body composition!!

Protein Whether or not you have read differently I am here to tell you protein is very important – especially for ladies. Why? The hormone balance within your body makes it very hard to maintain and build lean muscle tissue. The thing is, lean muscle tissue is highly metabolically active and leads to energy being used, resulting in lower body fat. Following a healthy high protein diet will help you maintain muscle mass which in turn means burning body fat is much easier for you. Trust me, this is one thing you need to do. Aim for a minimum of 0.8g per pound of body weight, ideally 1g.

Healthy Fats I know, I know – the ‘’f’’ word is something I should refrain from using in front of any lady because it goes against the grain of just about everything you read today if you want to ‘’drop a dress size’’ in 10 days. Ladies your hormone profiles make it harder for you to burn body fat that is part of being a lady. This isn’t to say you cannot but you need to understand hormones have a massive impact on this. Therefore I would highly recommend using a high quality Omega 3 supplement, Vitamin D3 and Magnesium. Combined this small yet very effective supplement stack will help shape your hormone profiles leading to better body composition results. Also aim to eat a diet rich in omega 3s with nuts, avocadoes and oily fish such as salmon.


Under eating is one of the best ways to stop your body burning body fat and burning all of its muscle. Don’t allow your calorie intake to dip below 10 calories per pound of lean body weight is my advice. Doing so will drive leptin levels through the ground (another hormone) which regulates and signals to the brain if you are ‘’starving’’ or not. If they go to low, the body will feel starved and stop body fat being used as energy.

Hopefully these points have opened your eyes to some truths which will help you sculpt the figure of your dreams.

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