What Do The Scales Say About You?

This is an age old question, does weight really matter? Within one sentence I can completely contradict myself and give several good reasons why it is important and then totally go against my own words and say why it doesn’t matter. The point is for some people it matters, for others it doesn’t. Some of us are genetically designed to drop weight at the drop of a few calories as where others don’t lose weight on the scales – this doesn’t necessarily mean either are improving their body composition better than the other though.
Body Types
We all have different body types and more often than not morphs of more than one body type. If your body type is bordering on ectomorph and mesomorph then I would say losing weight on the scales during a diet will be pretty tough. To clarify, we are talking about somebody trying to get VERY lean here who isn’t any more than around 17% body fat to begin with.
In contrast an endomorph will lose weight on the scale far easier in my experience. So what does this mean? Logically it means that different body types are better at maintaining (homeostasis) than others, but this doesn’t mean that body composition changes are not taking place.
Body Fat
One of the most logical ways to track body composition changes is through taking your body fat readings every 7-10 days. This is especially the case for those of you who don’t lose weight on the scales, or in some cases like me GAIN weight during a transformation. It is also a great tool to use when you are very lean and the 0.5% differences count, yet are hard to see in the mirror.
Don’t ever use those crap machines; always use proper callipers with somebody who knows what they are doing!!
Muscle Measurements
So the weight isn’t moving down on the scales, but are you monitoring your muscle group sizes? For example, I had a client who according to the scales was not going anywhere yet within 3 weeks he had added 1 inch to his arms whilst looking noticeably leaner!!
So yes, I feel weight is important and I would encourage you to monitor it every day before breakfast. If you gain weight it doesn’t mean it is fat, it could be inflammation causing water retention for example. However, knowing where your body is going helps and it gives you more insight into the mechanics of your own body for future reference. In one sentence, yes weigh yourself – it counts.

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