Transformation Sticking Points - Why Oh Why. . . .

Sticking points, we all get them! Sometimes our weight loss will stop or even worse it will go up! Why is the question? You are pounding the streets for what feels like an eternity every day, you are lifting hard and heavy and eating as squeaky clean as a diet conscious dietician. The truth is these weight loss issues we all tend to get at some point during a transformation are telling a story, here are a few of the top reasons why we seem to ‘’out of the blue’’ gain weight on a transformation.
The issue could lie within your digestive tract. Having dieted for a handful of weeks your body begins to struggle with the load of foods, especially protein sources. As a result there may be an inefficient weak link within your digestive system causing you to become slightly blocked up. This can lead to weight gain due to the fact that you’re not passing food as efficiently as you were or there is inflammation as a result of this issue leading to water retention.
To combat this add more fibre from high quality green and red fibre powders. Use a high quality digestive enzyme to further aid the situation.
Water Retention
This is probably the most common cause of ‘’overnight’’ weight gain during a transformation which can really mess with your head – at least it does with me that is for sure!! Again there are several reasons for this to happen including eating foods which you are unknowingly sensitive to which could include spices for example. Certain additives and gluten are also common causes of water retention. Maybe one of your meals was richer in sodium which has caused you to gain water, leading to the scale reading growing the next morning.
The combat this take note of when this happens, what foods seem to correlate with this event and from there eliminate them and see what results you get.
If you pick up an infection or have an upset stomach this can quickly cause you to gain weight on the scales, of course not in body fat. Whenever your body has something wrong with it there tends to be inflammation causes somewhere within your body, leading to water being held within this region. This could even be an injured joint which is holding on to water due to the swelling.
As you can in all instances these are very minor issues, it is just a case of finding them and taking the appropriate action. Next time you jump on the scale only to be down beat by the result, ponder on the points shared above.

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