Trainers, Take Control - Maintaining Order In The Camp

Personal trainers can you empathise with me when I share my
frustration in regards to clients who have terrible time keeping? Poor punctuality
drives me NUTS especially when I am waiting on a client to turn up for a
workout – working with celebrities somewhat compounds this issue because they
are used to having people wait on them, and their schedules are crazy. Nonetheless
you cannot tolerate it, because when you give an inch they will take a mile –
time and time again. Below are three tricks I use to keep clients on their
toes, and punctual.

Coin Game

If they are more than 10 minutes late I break out a coin. Admittedly
a bat or hammer may be more intimidating, but wait to hear what I do with the
coin. The game is very simple; the final set of every exercise they are doing
is made into a drop set for as many times they get it wrong. So, I say ‘’heads
or tails’’ and every time they get it wrong they do another drop. In one
instance I had this happen 8 times in a row, where the client kept getting it
wrong. Needless to say his ability to get to the gym on time improved
dramatically because he doesn’t want to ever see the coin again.

Double Time

About 3 weeks ago a client who is an actor was 20 minutes
late – I was fuming so when we hit the circuit I had planned for him he did
DOUBLE time per station. It was overkill but sometimes you have to lay down the
law and make them NEVER want to go through something again. Unsurprisingly there
was some serious resentment towards my decision to make him do double, but like
I said you have to lay down the gauntlet and make them run it when necessary.


That very word sends shivers down the spine, boredom goes
hand in hand with most forms of cardio. What I do is make the client spend each
minute they were late on the treadmill. Last week the client was due to do 25
minutes and was 18 minutes late which is an eye watering extra dose when you
are already bored off your face.

As you can see sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, as
a trainer I take no BS and you shouldn’t either. It is inbuilt within some of
us more than others to not tolerate this kind of complacency, but so establish
yourself as a respected trainer you NEED your clients to respect you.

It wouldn’t be unusual for me in some cases to cancel the
workout – if I have emphasised the importance of punctuality to someone time
and time again and they show no care for it then I will simply cancel on them. Sometimes
more than extra, there is nothing a client hates more than the feeling of
falling behind or losing out!!

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