The Olympic Mind!

I have said it before and I will say it again, professional athletes can be the ultimate source of motivation. As you watch Roger Federer whisk his opponent off the court with an effortless stroke of the wrist, Bolt breeze the 100Ms with seemingly twice as much effort to give and Messi run circles around defenders like their cones all you see is talent. However, what you don’t see is the repetition of practise these guys have all done in a volume most of us could never comprehend. Yes, being born with genius within helps – however it is the consistency at which these guys do all the right things which takes them to the top.
Of course, London is home to possibly the most prestigious sporting event in the world – the Olympic Games. As I was repetitively treading rubber on the treadmill this morning there was a programme on the screen all about the athletes, their preparation and their journeys. We talk about 12 week transformations yet these guys commit to a 4 year goal which doesn’t event include the rest of their life leading up to this point!!
If you’re lacking on focus and motivation, follow me.
Goal Orientated
Becoming goal orientated is the secret because it acts as the fundamental driving force when everything else seems to stop motivating you. Just like the amazing athletes who are competing at the 2012 Games you need to pick your goal. For them it is to win and that’s it, Gold is all they think about. Are you going to go for gold? Just imagine the mental strength it takes to commit to a goal with that timescale attached – create the same desire for your own goal and this will drive your mental focus through the ceiling!!
Are your goals realistic? This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t shoot for the stars because if you miss you will still land feet first on the Moon! Just make sure you are not setting yourself up for a bigger reality check, for example aiming to be Mr Olympia in 2 years when you are 19 years old. I once heard a fantastic quote from somebody I really look up to and respect, Nick Mitchell – ‘’do you DESERVE unrealistic results?’’ Think about it, do you?
Look around and study anybody in the world who is successful at what they do. What do they possess? Commitment in abundance and you can bet if this was a commodity they would buy more. Commitment is the true secret, once your goal is set all you have to do is stay true to that and take the correct steps towards your goal, day by day.
By analysing the success of these elite athletes at the Olympic Games in London it is very interesting to see that they all possess similar mental strengths, if you can transfer these to yourself you are on the winning straight!

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