The Mental Mindset for Unrealistic Results!

Today was one of those days for me, we all get them and even though I am a self-proclaimed training and fitness addict I even get them. Of course, I am talking about the days when you wake up and just want to have the day off – no training, just do your work and chill in front of the TV (at this point you usually dream up some obscene reasons why a packet of biscuits is also beneficial). However in my experience it is these days which separate the winners from the losers because your mind-set can go one of two ways. You go easy on yourself, or you MAKE yourself go for it and get the job done. Nick Mitchell, undoubtedly one of the finest trainers in the world and the best in the UK once said ‘’do you deserve unrealistic results’’ and since then it has always stuck with me. People look at somebody with a washboard stomach, bulging arms and a torso fit for an action movie and think ‘’he trains hard.’’ The truth is he doesn’t, he trains BLOODY hard, he diets hard and he is consistent with it. SO, with that small yet relevant speech over (almost brave heart like, wouldn’t you agree) I am going to lay down 3 techniques to stay in control of your sometimes deceiving mind!!

The Night Before

Before you go to sleep think about the training ahead of you the next day. Decide there and then that you will do this workout no matter what, commit to it and write it down on a piece of paper next to your bed or on your mobile phone. This will help combat the possibility of you changing your mind in the morning when you don’t feel so rosy!!

Instant Motivation

Whatever floats your boat is the name of the game. Everyone has idols they look up and these people go through the same kind of mind battles you go through – they always win though, that is the difference. On days where you feel like having the day off make sure you have either an article or video clip of your idol at hand to provide an instant injection of motivation when the tank is low.

Know The Goal

Always have the goal in your head, live it, breath it, eat it and TRAIN it – let it become part of you! There are times when I cannot sleep properly because all I want to do is get in the gym and hit a personal best and lift some heavy ass weight!! Having this kind of infectious mentality towards your goal and training really helps keep the motivation topped up.

Now your mind-set is intact, you can achieve unrealistic results!

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