The Best Kept Secret - Consistency!

As the posters which bare a photo of myself state ‘’the real secret is consistency’’ and I stand by that. What exactly do I mean though? Well I imagine there are plenty of you who have started diets and then ditched them for a ‘’better’’ within days, or even a few weeks of starting right? Don’t worry I have also done this in the past, it is called being ‘’impatient’’ and it is human nature to behave in this way. Getting back to my point, many people fail during a transformation simply because they are not consistent – they will chop and change things if their abs are not as striated as Rob Riches’ within 5 days or if their arms aren’t as big as Zack Khan’s. Get my point? Yes, there are times when the diet is completely at fault however I do feel some people just need to stick with it a little more, ride out the journey. Today I wanted to share 3 ways to help you do this.
To be consistent with your eating habits it is absolutely essential that you are accountable, and remain so for the entire duration. What does this mean? In a nutshell, answering to somebody or something and having a particular reason to continue along your journey even when you might not feel like it. This could mean having a mentor or coach who you report to on a daily basis or even a close friend who you are doing the transformation with. Personally I keep myself accountable through my fan page, and right here on FitMag simply by posting my updates, placing a level of pressure on myself to get the job done and see my journey through. This takes us back to my main ‘’secret’’ – consistency.
Have A Plan
Workout what route you want to take during your transformation – is the diet going to be a low fat, moderate carb plan or maybe high in fat with limited carbs? Who knows, whatever it is you decide on be consistent with it and see it through. There are two very good reasons for this. Firstly, it trains you to stick to a healthier lifestyle change and see things through. Secondly and most importantly by seeing it through right until the end you become better educated, does this diet work for you or not? If not, no worries you can try something else. If so, GREAT every time you need to shape up you know how to do it.
What are yours? Mine is to build a mini ‘’Arnie’’ physique, no I am serious!! Sure, my genetic potential is not as great as the 7 times Mr Olympia, but if I strive to achieve that look on a smaller scale I always remain consistent, why? Simply because I have an aspiration, a reason to continue plugging away at it.
There you have the easiest rules to remain consistent. Remember, all the greatest physiques you see today were not built on a whim, instead they were built through mammoth levels of effort, discipline and . . . . . . . . . Consistency!

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