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In the same way a traditional family in Wales (where I hail from!) would raise their child on Cowl, homemade bread and my beloved Welsh Cakes – I was educated from the beginning of my bodybuilding journey the old school way. This consists of lifting weights, then lifting some more and then adding slow paced cardio for long periods of time – then a maybe some more weights. The picture is clear, you understand my point. However since I become more in touch with a wider range of training – the question which constantly sits firmly on my mind is this, what could work better? Let me be more specific. There are times when training like a bodybuilder is not an option due to time or perhaps you are just bored. Well what else can you do to keep the muscles stimulated and your body fat levels in check? Below are 3 ways which I think you will enjoy!
Body Weight Circuits
In my time I have trained with some strong dudes, I mean strong! We are talking guys who have trained with 5 times world strong man champing Pudzianowksi and can go toe to toe on certain exercises. However I am yet to meet someone bar one or two who can smash the back end out of a body circuit workout. I am talking sets upon sets of chin-ups, close grip pull-ups, press ups, weighted press ups, dips, weighted-dips and so on. Recently I did the 100 chin-up challenge and did it in 20:29 which in theory is a short back workout. However, my latts are cooked to the point I am in immense discomfort days later!!
Body circuits are for those of us who have very little in terms of options to train with or who love a challenge because these sessions never get easy, ever!
MMA Style
If you love MMA put your hands in the air? As I typed that I was raising my hand in the air, I love it!! The beauty of MMA is that those guys have to have it all, whatever they lack whether it be strength, power (there is a distinct difference), endurance, flexibility or technique will soon become exploited in the cage. With that said, I love to do MMA style circuits for conditioning because they are so challenging yet so fun!
Using circuits which consist of pushing a prowler, then dragging it, then using a sledge hammer on a tire, then chin ups, then clean and pressing a log bar and finishing off with rope drags is all fun!!
This is simply a mobile suspension kit you can use anywhere as long as there is a point to attach it to from above. It is very clever the way that you can use so many different exercises with just one piece of equipment. It is ideal for people who travel a lot and fail to train enough!! The military in the USA use a version of TRX training after an Ex-Navy Seal designed it!
If your board of pumping iron, lacking in time or just fancy a new challenge these all offer great alternatives!

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