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Most athletes and trainers would agree that the periods before, during and after training are the most important times to get the correct nutrition. For this reason I feel it is necessary to educate everyone on this matter.


In this article I am going to discuss the supplements that are effective to use at these times. Food is critical and getting the correct nutrition from food before and after training is extremely important, however for now we will focus purely on the supplement side of things.

There are many supplements that have been shown to be effective in promoting muscle growth, performance, energy and focus when taken around workouts. I personally have tried many supplements that are designed to take around workouts and feel that I can advise on the best ones that I have used and the best that have been shown to perform well in tests and studies.


Pre-workout –


There are a combination of supplements that I use in the hour before training. The first couple are nutritional supplements and then I use a combination of pre-workout energy drinks and amino acids.


70 minutes pre-workout –


2 scoops phd pharma whey

2 scoops phd waxy vol

1 tblspoon Udos oil


This is my pre-workout nutrition. This will give my muscles and body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. The phd waxy vol complex carbs will provide sustained release energy alongside the fats from udos oil. The pharma blend is a slow release protein so will aid in providing the musces with a  prolonged release of amino acids.


15 minutes pre-workout –


2 scoops Ronnie Coleman Myo-Blitz

1 scoop Ronnie Coleman Testogen

10g BSN Amino X BCAAs


The combination of Myo Blitz and Testogen will give an amazing muscle pump and increased energy whilst also boosting natural testosterone production. The BCAAs will provide the muscles with the key amino acids that they need during training.


Intra workout –


10g BSN Amino X

1 scoop Gaspari Size on max performance


The Gaspari max performance is the ultimate intra workout creatine supplement. It fuels the muscles to allow for maximum performance in the gym. The additional BCAAs will help avoid catabolism even on the longest workouts.


Immediately post-workout –


50g phd Pharma Pure whey isolate

50g Garnell complex carbs


The Phd Pharma pure is a pure whey isolate shake. This means it utilizes the fastest form of protein to give your muscles the amino acids they need immediately after training. The garnell complex carbs is pure maltodextrin so will replenish muscle glycogen as well as forcing the body to release the anabolic hormone insulin.


So if you are looking for supplements to use around a workout then give these a go. I guarantee you will see the difference.



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