Rose Tinted Specs - False Hope!

Among the western world there is now more than ever a sense of pride about the way we look, thankfully it is spilling over towards people becoming more active and health conscious. The unfortunate thing is that there are a lot of powerful media hubs, namely glossy fashion and lifestyle magazines which pose as ‘’health advice’’ publications. Anybody who understands a molecule of what it takes to improve health and body composition through exercise and diet will see straight through most of this BS, and I want to help you avoid it as well! Here are 3 beauties you will often see on the front of these kinds of publications, and whilst some may try and apply them I utilise them as my comedy for the week!!

Get A 6 Pack In 28 Days!

Strictly speaking there are two cases where you could argue this is true, or achievable. Firstly, everybody has a ‘’6 pack’’ so in theory they are not lying as it doesn’t state it has to be visible but one might expect this is slightly misleading. The second is if you are already pretty lean, in which case makes it very irrelevant to most readers. I have a client who achieved a 6 pack in 3 weeks (pictured below) however a lot of readers won’t be in his starting position. Not one to drop water balloons on somebody’s bonfire, but if you are going to follow a 4 week plan which promises a 6 pack I would be very sceptical. Instead focus on ‘’real life’’ results, a new change in lifestyle which will help you achieve and maintain the physique of your dreams long term.

Lose A Stone In 2 Weeks

Again, it may sound appealing to those who have failed to lose weight. However losing weight isn’t hard at all, in fact it is VERY easy. What is hard is improving body composition which often means a reduction in weight, but not always and certainly NOT drastic losses unless there is a LOT of weight to lose. If you want the scales to lie to you jog every day and live on smoothies, if you want to look leaner, tighter and healthier then follow a balanced protein rich diet and use resistance training.

Lose The Jelly Belly And Eat Pizza

Titles to this effect always pop-up every now and then – this is simply a play on words. Sure, I eat junk and I know a few guys and girls who have weekly cheat meals and are extremely lean (one of my female clients picture below) however the majority of people I have met couldn’t diet this way to get LEAN! This is because most people’s body composition and insulin sensitivity is not able to cope with these kind of foods very well. The leaner you are the easier your body copes with junk food and partly depends on body type as well.

Hopefully I have convinced you that the best way forward is to eat a protein rich diet with a restriction of ‘’low fat’’ foods and sugars, eating healthy fats and sticking to low GI carbohydrates at the right time. Oh yes, and lift weight – plenty of it, ladies that’s you as well!!

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