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We all want very fast results during a transformation yet we don’t all want to put the effort in – ask yourself this, do you deserve unrealistic results? Nick Mitchell, world class personal trainer and owner of Ultimate Performance in London once said this and it made so much sense! Everybody wants that killer body, but do you want to do what is required to achieve it rapidly? If you are able to answer this question ‘’yes’’ and let me tell you, most won’t be able to without their nose gaining a few inches then follow me. Today I am going to unwrap 3 ways you can train for RAPID body transformation results, remember these are drastic yet very effective!
As always here is my equivalent to a legal disclaimer, my foundation advice before you take my training protocol I am about to share to the gym! Remember, it is imperative your nutrition and supplement plan is up to scratch in order for your body to withstand the intensity of what I am about to share with you, end of!!
Multiple Training Sessions
It is no secret, if you want to rapidly force your body composition to change then get in multiple training sessions! Yes, per day on occasions. Personally I think 2 good weight lifting sessions a day combined with one good cardio workout will really boost the transformation your physique is going through!
Why? Used in the conjunction with the correct diet and supplement programme and right variation of training I might add, it leads to optimised hormone response and body fat utilisation. Simples.
We have had this discussion before, I don’t believe in using the word cardio but it at least means you know what I am referring to! For rapid results I believe in cycling your cardio workouts over a 3 day split, doing steady state fast paced walking for 40-60 minutes one day, then a 25 minute interval sprint workout then a ‘’strong man’’ style circuit session the next and repeat. This ensures the body is constantly recruiting different energy pathways and maximising calorie expenditure.
Compound Progress
Exercise selection is so important – when you have a short period of time to transform your physique do not tart about using exercises like triceps kickbacks, wrist curls and swiss ball squats (the last one was a joke!). Focus on exercises which recruit large muscle fibre populations such as squats, deadlifts, leg press, bench press, military press and to make things harder go for giant sets to take the level of intensity to the next level!
Taking these points on board should literally allow you to go from ‘’zero to hero’’ in a relatively short space of time. Put it this way, if I had 4 weeks to get shredded this would be my method!!

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