When Should You Change Your Diet?

When you begin a new diet you want to see results, it is your reward for the sacrifices you are making. Without results you will soon feel as though the investment in your struggle is not worth your while and therefore return to your previous habits. However, dieting is never ideal and you will often feel as there is little or no progress. Maybe the scales are not moving, or the reflection in the mirror is not changing. With all of this said when exactly is it time to review and change your diet? Here are some of the tell tail signs I use to make this decision myself and with clients.
10 day rule
This is a very general rule but one which I usually employ to use as a yardstick. If the weight hasn’t changed within 10 days I will make adjustments. It could be that the weight hasn’t come down, or moved up. Either way this tells me the body is in a state of ‘’maintenance’’ and therefore needs to be brought out of this zone. This isn’t ALWAYS the case but very often in an instance like this I will either decrease the calories slightly from the diet, OR go the other way and give the body a complete shock with a surge of carbohydrates for 8-12 hours.
This is a much tougher rule to follow for many people, but if you can remain level headed then I recommend you do this. Every 7 days at the same time of day take a progress shot of yourself from the front, side on and back. Make sure the light is the same and that you are holding your physique in the same way. If there is no change in physical appearance within 14 days of your photos then it is time to make a change with your eating. These changes don’t have to be drastic, but they do need to be going in the right direction.
Stomach Issues
Often a diet seems to be clicking like a well-made watch and all of a sudden you experience discomfort in your stomach and the scales begin to stall, sometimes you look far more watery too. This can be down to your diet and the fact that you are eating the same foods at the same time of the day, each day. Eggs are a terrible culprit for this and as soon as you develop a sensitivity to these foods inflammation occurs, playing havoc with your progress. Therefore I would recommend altering your meal choices every 5-7 days OR cycling your meals, with meal plan for days 1,3,5,7 and another for days 2,4,6 where the macro values are the same.
If progress seems slow be sure to use some of these pointers to get through the rut you find yourself in!!

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