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Let’s not beat about the bush, dieting is normally a very boring process for most of us! Every day at the same times of day we have to eat the same meal – that same word, ‘’same’’ just keeps repeating itself. Not sure about you but that bores me before I have even started!! With that said I wanted to give you some pointers on keeping your diet fresh, fun and progressive.


The norm is to have a day’s menu and follow it; however I would recommend switching things up. In an ideal world you would have 3 days of eating and you would rotate this. This helps you enjoy your food more because there is always something new and it also makes sense from a physiological point of view. The body adapts  very quickly so eating the same foods every single day can cause food intolerances and your digestive system can potentially suffer in terms of efficiency. This is one of the biggest reasons I always recommend rotating menus.


With all of the training you are doing during a transformation along with the elimination of high calorie foods (bar some healthy fats) it is likely you are going to be in a calorie deficit 95% of the time. Whilst this is important you will need to bring the body out of this state every once in a while to boost leptin levels (hormone which tells the body it is starving in a nutshell) and to drive the insulin levels up, pushing nutrients into the muscle cell and in turn fighting catabolism. Mentally knowing you have scheduled refeed days also helps massively because whenever a craving sets in you can rest knowing in X amount of days you can enjoy that food. How often, well there is no answer to this it totally depends on body type and body fat. I would suggest for someone who is fairly lean, every 7-10 days, for people who are not so lean every 21-35 days.

Healthy Treats

As well as refeed days to keep you sane and enjoying life I would strongly recommend using some meals which taste great which are ALLOWED every day. There are loads of these which people don’t believe are healthy, I will share just 2 examples below.


25g ground almonds 10 egg whites 50g blueberries 3 teaspoons stevia BLEND Cook in sizzling hot pan with coconut oil

Chocolate Mousse 50g quark cheese 1.5 scoops of chocolate protein (vanilla and white chocolate are also AMAZING!) 1 tablespoon of 100% natural peanut butter ¼ cup of water STIR into a mousse

Both of those recipes taste amazing and they are perfectly fine to have as part of your diet, on a daily basis – I have them both and many of my clients do as well, among several other recipes.

So next time you are planning a diet for fat loss just think about it before you begin and make your journey more fun!!

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