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As you ladies may well know, nowadays there are many different products made available to us that can be used to make the appearance of our bodies look different, they range from garments that control certain areas to make them look slimmer and more toned, to specialist creams that are designed to reduce cellulite but also tone and firm our skin. Many women are buying into these products under the false pretence that they will actually alter their bodies for the better.
The most popular product is the control pants that are designed to shape the waist, hip and buttock areas in order to create a more slimming appearance, but does this help woman in correcting their appearance or simply make them complacent with it? For example instead of eating a well-balanced nutritious diet that is directed towards fat loss and working out four times a week with regular weight and cardio sessions it could be suggested that instead women tend to pull on a pair of control pants to create a more flattering figure.
The truth of the matter is that there is no quick fix or easy way in order to correct these problem areas and let’s face it everyone has something that they’d love to alter or change about their bodies. In order to lose weight and tone up, it does take a lot of hard work and dedication.
After outlining these points, now I shall share some basic rules to follow to aid you in your weight loss. Resistance training plays a major role in aiding with fat loss, many women have the misconception that they need to do hours of cardio and avoid the weights at all costs as they believe that they will become muscly. This is not the case; you should do at least three resistance training sessions a week whereby all of the muscle groups in your body are targeted. A typical split could be:
Monday – Chest & Triceps
Tuesday –
Wednesday – Back & Biceps
Thursday -
Friday – Legs & shoulders
Saturday –
Sunday -
The importance of this is whilst maintaining lean muscle tissue; resistance training also helps you to burn body fat too as muscle is metabolically active, therefore the more muscle tissue you have the more calories you will burn before doing any exercise.
In recent years circuit training has become increasingly popular as an excellent way of burning fat and maintaining muscle, you could do your cardiovascular training through circuits. Typical exercises that could be found in a circuit workout include; sprints, press ups, pull ups, sit ups, boxing with a partner using jab pads. Circuit training is a whole body workout and enables you build upon your cardiovascular endurance whilst increasing muscle tone.

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