How to get the best out of your training partner

One thing that I feel is absolutely priceless when it comes to training is a good training partner. Someone who knows how to push you and make you get the best from every workout.

Being a good training partner is not as easy as it sounds. I have been a personal trainer for quite some time now and I feel I know exactly how to get the best out of people. If you can get the person who you are training with to really push the limits and make improvements every session then it is likely that they will do the same for you.

There are a few simple things that you can do in order to help your training partner or client get the best out of their workouts. The key is their mindset. You can’t make them physically stronger, but you can put them in the right frame of mind to lift to the best of their ability.


So how exactly do you get someone to lift to the best of their ability? Well here are my top 3 tips to get your training partner to perform at maximum capacity:


  1. Lead by example:


This may seem fairly obvious to some people but it is rare that I see someone actually doing this. When I say lead by example I mean you need to sometimes dictate the intensity and the feel of the workout. If you step in the gym with a ‘can’t be arsed’ attitude then this is going to carry over to your training partner. If you come to the gym with the intention of smashing every single set and rep then your partner will feed off that and develop the same attitude. It is your job as a training partner to make sure you are going at it as hard as you can to force your partner to do the same. It is very hard to do a half-arsed set right after your partner has done an incredibly intense set to failure. This theory is a win, win situation as even if you are pretending to be in a psyched up mood to train it will eventually put you in that mood even without you intending it.


  1. Be cruel:


This I one of the things I am best known for. My cruelty is famous throughout the gym I work in and there are a lot of people who will flat out refuse to train with me. When I say be cruel I mean try and put your training partner through as much pain as they can bare. I am a huge believer that you have to give everything you have into every training session. I don’t believe in easy sessions. I try to make every session as hard as possible for not only myself, but my training partners as well. The desire to put someone through an agonizing workout is a valuable asset to have when it comes to being a training partner. Every single workout will be as beneficial as possible and you will never have an easy workout. If your training partner thinks they can only do 8 reps, make them do 12. If they say they have had enough, give them a triple drop set. Never be afraid to take them out of their comfort zone and really wipe them out. They may hate you at the time but when the results start to show they will thank you for it.


  1. Learn to spot effectively

Correct spotting is a skill that many gym goers don’t actually know how to do properly. Spotting is not just about lifting the bar off your mates face if he is too weak to lift the weight. It is about knowing exactly how much help to give and when. It’s about making your training partner feel 100% safe so that they are confident in going for new PBs and big lifts. I pride myself on my spotting. I know exactly how many reps someone has left in them and can give just enough help to take them to the point of failure that they need to in order to develop. Working on your spotting technique is essential if you are a trainer or training partner.


So if you do have a training partner, then give them what they deserve, a good training partner in you.



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