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In light of a recent issue I have begun to notice a lot in the gym I wanted to talk about mental preparation. Don’t get me wrong, I am not that guy who has turner all mystical and ‘’fluffy’’ I am just talking plain and simple ballsy mental preparation. No BS on mental techniques or anything like that, just plain real life steps you SHOULD be using before and during your workout.
All too often I see no mental engagement, no thought or focus going into people’s workouts as I observe in the gym – it is all very casual, almost pointless in my opinion. Last week I got a little wired when a trainer in the gym asked my client for a photo (he is an actor), I was gobsmacked and so was the dude by the time the words which I spewed hit his ears.
In my mind for a productive workout you need total mental clarity and focus.
Get Hyped
What gets you going? What is it that makes you want to go to the gym, even when it isn’t time to go? Is it a certain song or artist? Is it a certain video of some idol of yours working out? Whatever it is, 30 minutes before hand give yourself that time to flood the mind with these things! Personally I love to sit with my black coffee and watch some dude smash the iron about – normally an athlete I aspire to be like.
Keep It Going
Once the buzz is there you must maintain this! Visualise your workout on the way to the gym, what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and how much you are going to lift. As you do this you should almost feel the muscles working (not literally) and be ready to jump out the car window as you get to the gym!!
No Distractions
This is probably one of the biggest issues, distractions. You walk in the gym all ready, you’re fired up and someone brings you down with loose conversation about the weekend or other stuff which can wait. Once the mental focus is built keep it, switch off for that 45-60 minute window and remain firmly on task. Personally I find the easiest way to combat any unwanted interruptions is to wear headphones the whole workout and avoid eye contact. Simples!
This article is there for you to take your mental preparation to the next level; some will debunk the foundations of this but trust me it works! So learn what works for you and get vexed because you best believe I will be!!

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