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Often I will write from the point of somebody who potentially has a nugget or two of advice for a beginner, but today I want to switch the emphasis of my words slightly. My direction will be trainers themselves and what I have learned as a trainer myself.
So let’s get the accolades out of the way, the bit where I basically cover myself in glory in order to justify your attention. In my own right as a transformation specialist I have appeared on SKY TV, write for Men’s Fitness Magazine, and have celebrity clients and of course I am exceptionally lucky to be the Editor of Fitmag at!
Going back to that ‘’celebrity’’ comment, I am out in Mumbai right now transforming a Bollywood star for a new action movie. Don’t worry; the gloating will stop here because not all is anywhere near as glamorous as it may sound. Instead, I want to share with you my experience and how you can improve certain aspects of your ‘’game’’ as a trainer.
Before you get them to do a rep or talk about their training programme there needs to be respect. Clients, who think they can tell you what they need, want to do and when need to be set straight and fast!! To do this you must be firm and mean what you say, if they don’t listen make them listen. Have them do extra reps, extra sets or extra circuits. If a client doesn’t respect you as a trainer you will end becoming their dogsbody – you want that? To be blunt, sometimes you have to be a prick – however I would sooner be a prick who gets results than a ‘’nice guy’’ who doesn’t right?
Everybody has different reactions to different things – some love to be shouted at as where others like peace and quiet whilst they struggle. As a trainer you must learn what it is that works for your client, if they respond well to shouting get THEM to make more noise as they lift the weight. Creating an environment and mind-set for the client which enables them get the best possible results in the gym is crucial.
Don’t Be Fooled
Clients become very canny in their attempts to get out of work, although they want results they like to avoid the agonising pain of a leg workout for example. My client here would go like a bat out of hell for the prescribed rep range and then ‘’fail’’ almost on point. I quickly became wise to this and instead just said ‘’go’’ and ‘’stop’’ on sets – this way he was unable to trick me. Always be watchful of your clients efforts, have they really failed or do they have 10,7,3 or even 1 left in them? If they do, bloody reach in and get it!!
The biggest factor has to be accountability, your client MUST do as they are told and stay on track. If they don’t they won’t get results which will tarnish your image as a trainer. To do this have them write every meal down and at what time and have them weigh themselves each morning. On top of that make sure they understand their goals and why they are doing. Combined together these steps should make them accountable. If they ever cheat, you know the score – a workout to never forget!!

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