FitMag's Summer Games - We Challenge You!!

At FitMag we are getting into the spirit of the Olympic
games by coming up with our very own list of challenges for you. You know those
‘’do before you die’’ cards you get in gift shops, well this is kind of similar
I guess. Unfortunately we don’t have Gold, Silver or Bronze medals to hand out
but we guarantee you will have a blast doing them!! From FitMag HQ here is our
3 part ultimate body challenge, are you tough enough?

100 Pull-Up Challenge

The first stumbling block of our five goliath challenges –
the dreaded 100 pull-up challenge. As far as we know the record for this monumental
task is a palm tearing 7 minutes and 40 seconds. To put this into perspective
our Editor, Adam Gethin who is ‘’OK’’ at pull-ups took just over 21 minutes to
complete this task.

So are you ready? Remember full extension at the bottom of
each and every pull-up AND you must reach at least nose height at the top. Oh ye,
using a wide grip for those who were wondering.

1,000 Push Up

With the spine of your posterior chain in tatters it is time
to bring the focus to the front of your Olympian physique. We are told the
current record stands at 21:50 which seems an insane time when you consider the
rate at which your pecs will be burning!!

Get it done!! Remember, chest to the ground and none of
those half way BS push ups!!

3 Rep Max

This challenge has a totally different emphasis in
comparison to that of the previous two. Before we go on with the fun and games,
like a boring school teacher I must lay down some safety rules.

Only ever attempt a 1 rep max when completely
injury free

Never use a weight which causes you to compromise
on form

Warm up thoroughly for 20 minutes before hand

OK, we would all agree that there are 3 major compound lifts
which test our raw strength and power. The bench press, deadlift and squat. The
reason we have opted for a 3 rep max is simply to test your endurance of
strength and power.

We won’t talk about world records here because they will
become demoralising, but as a rule of thumb the following scores would be
considered as very impressive –

Bench press – 1.5 times your body weight

Deadlift – 2.5 times your body weight

Squat – 2 times your body weight

There you have it!! FitMag’s summer games challenge laid out
for you. So there is only one question which remains, are you ready?

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