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For optimum body composition results I am a huge believer in aggressive carb cycling, in most instances. Insulin management is essential to forcing the body to shed body fat yet we never want the body to fall into a pattern, it must be kept on its toes. This leads me on to the ‘’aggressive’’ part, aggressive meaning extreme!! This is my take on a ‘’high carb day’’ so please take or leave whatever you want, it isn’t for the faint hearted.

Which Carbs

Carb loading it isn’t quite as easy as force feeding on any carbs you fancy, but you will be happy to know they do not all need to be ‘’healthy’’ carbs. High GI carbs are favourable when you haven’t had carbs for several days, or weeks. This means baked potato, rice, some fruit like pineapple and mango (not too much fructose, it doesn’t elevate insulin levels), bread and some junk like pizza and the likes of.

These carbs will be blasted into your muscle cells with the insulin response you will activate with a sudden overload in carbs of this nature.

How Much

This all depends, it is possible to overspill leaving unused glycogen in the bloodstream which will potentially be converted to body fat. However, if you are 15% body fat to 10% I would have you taking in around 1,000g of carbs across the day!! If you are sub 10% then I would bang it up to 1,500g!!


In the first heading I touched on this briefly. When you sustain a low carb diet for long periods of time insulin sensitivity improves dramatically. This means that 1 high carb day should not cause your body to store body fat, and you are also able take your body into an anabolic overdrive – remembering insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body!!

What To Avoid

Avoid too much fruit, the body does not utilise fructose efficiently during a carb load. Dairy products are another food group to avoid, lactose can slow down the rate at which the body breaks down the glucose and blunts insulin sensitivity. Fats are another food group to cut altogether, simply because they slow down the rate which the body is able to digest food and during your loading day you want those carbs moving like an express train to your muscle cells! Protein is more optional, have it when you feel like it with meals but don’t freak out about not hitting your usual daily quota – the overload in calories and insulin spike will keep you anabolic!

Some will argue, some will disagree, some will love it but I have achieved amazing results with a vast range of clients using a similar structure – obviously cut to their requirements. Below is just one example, from obese to sponsored cover model in 7 months!!

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