Dont be stupid with steroids

This is obviously going to be a rather controversial article so before I start I must make this clear: I am NOT, in any way, advising anyone to use steroids, condoning the use of steroids in sports that don’t allow it, or saying that steroids are good for you in any way. This article is more just about my personal opinions on a matter that I feel needs to be addressed.



Ill start off by giving my personal opinion on the matter of steroids and performance enhancing drugs. Although I believe that they are not good for you in any way, I personally believe that the media has made steroids out to be far more of a monster than they actually are. This has a negative effect on everyone that uses them as it is so hard to find information on how to do so correctly.


If you are looking to use steroids it is very hard to find out exactly what you should be doing and how to do it safely. This is because steroids have been given this reputation of being dangerous and somehow looked down upon by society. Steroids ARE dangerous if taken incorrectly. If someone is set upon taking them then I feel the information should be available for them to do so safely.


So what exactly are steroids and how do they work? Basically steroids are hormones created artificially that can be ingested orally or injected into the body. These hormones will allow your body to build muscle more effectively and recover from workouts quicker. They increase protein synthesis, improve muscle anabolism and prevent catabolism. There are a number of side effects of steroids which MUST be fully understood before anyone takes them.


It is my opinion that if someone wants to take steroids it is very hard to talk them out of it. It is like telling a teenage boy not to have sex as they could contract an STI. No matter what you say they are still going to want to do it so it is far wiser to advise them on how to do it safely than simply tell them not to. Their reasons for taking them may be very personal and they may believe steroids are the only answer. Simply telling these people not to take them is silly. You should either help them to take them seriously or do what I prefer to do and show them that there are many other options out there. If you are looking to take steroids then you may not have to. There are changes you can make to diet, training, supplements and lifestyle that will dramatically improve your physique or your progress towards your ideal physique.


So when is it ok to take steroids? I personally don’t feel that anyone can judge whether someone should or shouldn’t take steroids as it is their own personal choice. There are some cases, however, where it is needed. For example if someone wants to become a competitive bodybuilder and doesn’t want to compete in the natural federations then in order to compete you will have to take steroids. In bodybuilding there is a vast amount of knowledge on the subject and how to be safe. If you are looking to go into bodybuilding and don’t want to take the natural route then I recommend speaking to as many bodybuilders as you can and try to get as much info as possible before starting anything.


If you are not looking to become a competitive bodybuilder but are considering steroids then I recommend speaking to someone who could help you on alternatives to achieving your goals naturally before taking the plunge.


Advice lines for supplements like the ones at are a fantastic place to get information on how supplements could benefit you as a great natural alternative. You could also e-mail myself for help on diet and training as I am extremely confident that I could improve both for you and you would see great gains from doing that. My e-mail is [email protected]


The worst thing you can do is not seek help or information. Steroids can be extremely dangerous so if you are thinking about taking them then find help first. Ask everyone you can and do as much research as possible.

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