Coupled Dieting - The Ultimate Commitment To Your Partner!

or those of you that have completed are in the middle or beginning of a transformation will know how difficult it is to obtain. Frequently there are times whereby we lack motivation to continue doing it, to go to the gym, get up early for cardio or eat our ‘diet’ food. Having both structure, support and motivation are three very important points deemed necessary in order to succeed. Some people are geared to work well with intrinsic motivation but there are times for all of us that we need some outside support. A new trend that has become more increasingly popular is ‘coupled dieting’, this is a when two people do a transformation or diet and exercise programme together. There are many benefits other than providing motivation for one another and I shall state these in the appropriate paragraphs below.


When dieting, it can be difficult at times to stay on the straight and narrow, especially when people around you are eating the foods that you crave. Going out for meals can be difficult also as there are so many tempting and tasty treats that you’d love just happen to be on the menu that night. When dieting as a couple as in two people living together, these temptations are withdrawn and there is a constant reinforcement and reminder from one another to stay on track. Doing the weekly shop can be difficult if your partner is filling the trolley with goodies but it is all about controlling your environment. If you and your partner are dieting then there is no need for these treats to be in the house therefore disabling the risk or temptation to treat. Many people become hermit crabs when dieting and may be put off to go out as they would normally do, perhaps they feel that there is a risk of embarrassment to ask for something that isn’t on the menu or worry at what they need for their dietary requirements isn’t available. Nowadays there are many places that serve ‘transformation friendly’ meals, in most public houses there will always be an option to have meat/fish and vegetables or salad, just take note of the way in which your meal has been prepared then you’re good to go. Enjoyment is key otherwise you will become resentful of transformations and will be less likely to continue or complete it without ‘cheating’.


Undertaking a transformation as a couple has advantages to your training also, instead of turning up at the gym hoping that your training partner may be around to help you finish those reps or show encouragement when you are about to fail. Training on a regular basis with your partner will enable you both to know how far to push one another once they reach failure, it will also give that added motivation to you both as you’ll be working as a team to spur each other on. Doing cardio in the morning can be a killer especially if you have to do it alone, doing this with your partner gives you company, you and your partner may see this as a fun way to get out of the house early.

Motivation & Support

Finally in any walk of life this last point has to be the most important, transforming as a couple will enable you to become closer together as you go through the highs and lows of life. Support is invaluable and doing it together will help you to succeed, if your partner is obtaining better results quicker that you are then this will motivate you to dig deep and do anything necessary to obtain better results. Every month we have a feature on FitMag for motivational story of the month, if you have any stories based upon this article then we would love to hear them. Please send them to

As a working example, checkout James & Jane after 6 months of healthy living and working under the guidance of Adam Gethin.

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