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As I have gone on about before in a very open manner, I love junk food just as much as the next ‘’foody!’’ However in our circle of life it is not very often that we can guilt-free smash a pizza, enjoy a whippy at the beach or munch on a box of cookies with our better half in front of the TV. With that said I still maintain that you can achieve a great physique and enjoy the occasional treat especially once you ARE in shape. For those who cannot live without their vices here are my top 3 tips to limit their damage and allow your body to utilise them in the best possible way.
Leg Day
It is no secret that hardcore workouts do a number of things to the body including driving your anabolic hormones upwards and putting your body into a catabolic state, meaning it will look to utilise carbohydrates to brace the effects of insulin. Smashing your legs on a Friday night is an ideal way to put your body into a more receptive state to enjoy a cheat meal around 60-90 minutes afterwards. I am not saying this is bullet proof, or that it should be a weekly venture but what I am saying is that it will help the body use the calories more effectively.
Carb Cycling
Depending on your body fat levels I would recommend having a reefed every 7-20 days. The leaner you are the closer to 7 days it becomes. This day does not pass as a ‘’all you can eat’’ buffet but what it does do is open the door to at least one treat. Opt for a food high in calories from carbohydrates more than fat because the body will utilise the spike to bring up leptin levels as well as thyroid function. Foods like pasta dishes, rice dishes, pizza and sweet things like cookies or doughnuts can be utilised here. No, they are NOT but what I AM saying is that when the time comes for a refeed using one of these treats would work to an extent and satisfy your watering mouth syndrome simultaneously.
Healthy Alternatives
This is my personal choice because I can have treats when I want because the truth is they are not bad for me. Coming up with recipes which rival a James Martin dessert special AND meet your diet criteria is not easy, but I have a beauty!! Mix 50g quark cheese with 1 heaped teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter, 1.5 scoops of PhD Diet Whey white chocolate, 50g blueberries with a dash of water into a mousse stirring by hand. This tastes UNREAL!

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