Adam Gethin's Transformation - Week 2

Two weeks seem to have disappeared since I started my transformation, so what has happened so far? Lots and I am trialling lots of new training and diet techniques which I believe in theory should work, but before I disperse this information via FitMag I want to be the guinea pig. With that said, I am going to give you the run down on how week 2 went!
The diet is where it is at on any transformation, mine included. Today I am going to let you in to a little secret, but don’t tell anyone. With my OWN diet I can be a little harsh on myself and sometimes play mind games which I think a lot of us tend to do. Many top trainers I know will use their colleagues to guide them, and in the past I have done the same – this time I want to do it myself though.
The problem is, when I would usually recommend a high carb day for example I am sometimes prone to making myself wait which isn’t always the best answer. However so far I have been pretty solid, my diet is consisting of 1.6g of protein per pound of body weight now, around 60-70g of fats from nuts and eggs and fast acting carbs post-workout followed by a delicious pancake with blueberries.
My fat loss is steady but to be honest I don’t lose fat very easily therefore it will be sooner rather than later that I begin to chop back some of the carbs from my low days. This week I had a high day and it was heaven, heaven I tell you! I began the day with pineapple and water melon along with wholegrain toast! Later on in the day I enjoyed a very large bowl of oats and more wholegrain toast this time with jam which was . . . . .well, heaven. Of course the next day I had gained a kilo which is to be expected but in the next 6 weeks I expect to lose another 3-5kg.
My exercise programme has been extremely diverse, more so than ever before. There have been days where I have hit the same muscle groups twice with a varied workout at both ends of the day, other days I have hit some circuits and others I have plodded along briskly on the treadmill. I like to kid myself that I am one hard core SOB however it really is time to turn the heat up, hello high volume training!!
Supplements this week have been pretty basic, the usual – to many my ‘’usual’’ may be advanced. I use omega 3s, multi-blend protein, carb powder, fat burners and I have also added a new product to the list but this one can wait, we all need a little surprise and suspense in our lives right?
OK, until next week keep training hard yourself – I must dash because quite frankly I am on a mission, a mission to impress!!

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