Adam Gethin's 8 Week Transformation - Week 6

Already I am 6 weeks into my 8 week transformation, where on earth has that time gone. Just as last week there have been some obstacles, some great workouts and some tough problems I have had to work around. One thing is for sure, I have stayed on track and I feel I am shaping up. However I have a lot of work to do and this is why I am turning the heat up this week.

India. . . The Home Of Stomach Bugs

Last week I was winging like a wounded cat about the stomach issues I seem to continuously contract here in Mumbai, and I also promised after last week’s update I would stop. Well, this week has been no different – for no apparent reason my stomach will flare up and give me terrible pains in my abdominal region. This I believe is down to new bacteria’s which my body just is not used to. I haven’t missed meals but I am bloody forcing food down, I won’t lie to you!!

Training – A Complex Matter

My training has absolutely zero structure in terms of what time of the day I train. Sometimes it is in the morning, mid-morning, lunch time, evening and late at night. Personally I hate this, I love to schedule my day around my workouts so I can eat and supplement accordingly. Having said that I have stayed on top of it and not let it get to me, my workouts are always intense. This week I was introduced to a new gym about a 3 minute walk away from my hotel which is 150lb dumbbells – this instantly got me thinking, I have to be using these by the time I leave! My goal is to dumbbell press 130s, deadlift 250kg and have rocking calves!! They have a seated calf machine and a standing calf press which is ideal for a DTP superset!

The Final Frontier

Due to the nature of my stay in Mumbai my ability to change my diet and programme is slightly limited – my celebrity client is the focal point of me being here, not my transformation. With that said I get all my meals from his chef which are the same as what he eats, so in theory my diet is not 100% what I need. However I am throwing in high carb days which I don’t for him to keep my body full and to spike the metabolism.

The one main introduction I have made which REALLY excites me is Anabolic Designs Matador!! This product contains high dosages of R-ALA which is an outstanding ingredient for improving insulin sensitivity leading to a leaner physique with better energy levels.

There you go then, another week in the life of me – and I am hoping by this time next week I will be pretty pleased with my look, ready for the pics!! My girlfriend brought a  big bottle of spray tan for me so I won’t stand out so much in Mumbai as a tourist with my VERY pale skin!!

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