Adam Gethin's 8 Week Transformation - Week 5

Today marks the fifth week of my transformation and I must say, it has been a MISSION to stay on track. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t my will power – I will reveal why as you read on. One thing is for sure though, I am looking leaner and bigger which makes me happy.
As you know my diet largely consists of protein, some healthy fats and very limited carbohydrates post-workout depending on how well I am looking. With four weeks gone I needed a refeed, and as it was my 6th year anniversary with my girl we headed to the Hard Rock Café with Neil Hill and had some FOOD!! My meal consisted of a 10z burger, fries and ice cream with a chocolate brownie. The very next day I looked fuller and funnily enough I was holding hardly any water which for me is not normal, I generally go all watery for 48 hours post-high carb day whether the food was clean or it was junk.
Role on 2 days and both myself and my girlfriend were sick, we had severe stomach pains and couldn’t eat. Bearing in mind my diet is predominately protein my stomach wasn’t coping well at all! Therefore just 2 days after a refeed I had to live on brown toast for a day, with just 2 protein meals. This wasn’t the end of the world, but it just got me down mentally because as anybody who has dieted before knows it is TOUGH.
Three days later and I am still not right however I am eating all of my meals as planned with the addition of a little pineapple in the morning due to its digestive enzyme (Bromelain) profile. Needless to say eating my meals right now is a frigging chore, but I am doing what I gotta do as they say.
Going hand in hand with my illness I did skip 2 workouts, but I am just training on days where I would normally rest just to catch up. This doesn’t concern me so much because the diet is where the results are at, but nonetheless I hate to miss a workout. Just this morning I had a great chest workout and hit 3 very heavy sets of triceps to finish which for me is adequate due to tendonitis in my right arm.
As many of you know, I am currently residing in Mumbai, India as I am preparing an actor for a movie – however my girl flew in this week which was great, and with her she brought a goody bag from Anabolic Designs for me!! Since my stomach upset the Ravenous has been a God send and the Shredabull is also helping for sure. As of Monday Matador will be featuring as well as I look to nail the last 3 weeks of my transformation.
There you go, the last week of my transformation with no censored bits. Sure, the tone is a little more morbid than usual but I assure you next week I will be rocking on all cylinders again!!

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