Adam Gethin's 8 Week Transformation - Week 4

Today marks 4 weeks exactly since I started to transform my physique and I must say I am relatively pleased with progress in the last 7 days. However things haven’t been what you would call ideal. My training is very rarely the same time of the day, my meal times are never the same although I keep it to a 3 hour window and the gym I have at my disposal is limited to say the least. This is the theme I wanted to run with today, it doesn’t matter – consistency will always help you overcome these obstacles.
Typically I love to train at least 2 days before taking a day off, sometimes 3 and as much as 5 recently. However with work I have had to make my workouts short and sweet, but don’t think I am using this as an excuse to justify a lack of gym time. Whenever my time available to train is short I just make it very intense. Above anything else the body responds best to intensity therefore using giant sets with short rest periods in between them is an ideal way to get the muscles smoked in a short space of time.
In relation to cardio I simply do whatever my client does here in India. If I have him doing 45 minutes on the treadmill, I join him – if he is doing cross-fit then I join him. This part of my training has been very simple and it is a very effective way of managing time.
Not much changes on this front for me unless I have high carb refeed days. My meals will all be high in protein, healthy fats and free of complex carbohydrates. The only time of the day I now have carbs is in my post-workout shake, however today the rules went out of the window. My body fat is circa 10% and I feel good with my current look. Considering I have 4 weeks left to get that beach body nailed I felt like my body needed a good refeed, more than a bowl of oats could give. With that said I have killed two birds with one stone and had a controlled cheat day. For this I cut all the fat sources like nuts and whole eggs and have around 500g of carbohydrates mainly from high GI sources. Is this ideal? Not for everyone, but it works with my body and I also get to enjoy some foods which I have been craving a little as well.
This is just as well considering the past few weeks I have had dinner out with several people who all seem to go for Pizza and the most amazing desserts!! I even had fillet steak which came with mashed potato, and I handed it straight over to my friend to eat!
Moving Forward
Going forward from here I am interested to see how far I can go in 8 weeks, where normally I know my body works well on a 12-16 week timescale. Right now I am quietly confident!!

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