Adam Gethin's 8 Week Transformation - Week 3

The end of week 3 is beckoning and it is around the time you would like to see some results on a transformation, or at least I would! Luckily I can see that my mid-section is getting tighter and my body fat levels are rapidly descending which is what it is all about! So here we go my week 3 update for you guys.
My diet is very simple, my meals throughout the day beginning from breakfast consist of around 40g of protein and anywhere between 8-20g of fat, healthy fats of course. Post-training I have very fast acting carbohydrates immediately generally in a 2:1 ratio with whey protein, although if it was a severe workout and I am looking rather starved I may bump this up to 4:1 (high rep leg workouts anyone?). Due to my working environment in India I am trying to keep my meals very basic for convenience because I have already had my fair share of illnesses here – nuts are my main source of fats because they are a dry food and very easy to keep fresh as it were.
I did have a high carb day this week which included spaghetti with steak, brown toast, water melon, pineapple and some low fat frozen mango yogurt. The days leading up to this I had been suffering a bad stomach therefore I wanted to introduce some carbs to help, it seemed to work. Surprisingly I am not looking too watery considering I normally cover up after I sniff carbs!!
When I transform myself or anyone else I love intensity, this is all that matters in my mind. I don’t go down the conventional ‘’bodybuilding’’ training so much these days, yes I split my body across the week but I train with LOTS of volume and short rest periods. Circuits are also something which features a lot as part of my cardio, where I include a number of MMA inspired exercises. To be honest, I am a bit of a dreamer and love watching my idol Bobby Lashley train MMA circuits and then repeat them – I find it drives me forward.
So as always my weight has moved very little, just 2kg in 3 weeks which isn’t that much – I have always been like this. Maybe it is the fact that I am fairly lean already and that I do tend to gain muscle relatively easily, or that I am totally deluded by the fact I think I am getting leaner! Of course, I hope it is the former otherwise I am in for a nasty shock.
Moving on to next week I am just ramping things up a little – my motto is keep moving and eat clean, this will surely deliver results. Next Tuesday I have a premature carb meal arranged as my beautiful girl arrives in Mumbai to live with me for 6 weeks before we head back to the UK, as a temptation I promised we could eat at this great Pizza place!! That means I have to earn it so I will be doing over time on my circuits, one because I love them and two because I want a guilt-free pizza!!

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